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The mods have left the building

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    You resigning as moderators?

    I support you on whatever journey you are looking forward to! Good luck in the future!

    I'm a new member, so I'm not quite sure who you 4 are.


    It seems this forum has gone without moderators for way too long.  Perhaps if some were reinstated it would help breathe life back into the forum. 

    Even I can feel the loss of great moderation, having joined after their resignation.  AChat, if you are listening, kindly rethink your position on this.  With reports of minors joining, and our community growing, moderators on forum and in game are desperately needed.  This game platform should not be used as a 'anything goes' and be used to cause harm and disrespect.

    Time to once again become a community to be proud of.  AChat team?  Are you listening? 


    I'm in agreement with the previous post. Any site where people are going to air their views throws open the potential for arguments which can escalate and become very heated. Sometimes it can be for a simple reason like a comment being taken out of context or, because there are so many different nationalities, a simple glitch in translation. An unbiased and impartial authority would serve to prevent any incidents reaching the stage where they would affect enjoyment of the site for members.
    At the present time, however, I think it unlikely that Moderators would be reintroduced. With less than a dozen members contributing to the Forum on a regular basis there simply isn't the need. 


    Analetta, I respectfully disagree.  Put any two people in the same place without mutual respect and there can be bullying, harassment and gross signs of disrespect.  Mods would not be limited to the forum. My request was for in game and forum.


    I've never encountered a problem in-game Jessi, to be honest. But maybe that's because I rarely visit any of the Public spaces, preferring to stay in the Lobby and chat with friends. Obviously I've come across a few rude people here, that's just a fact of life wherever you may be, but I've found the vast majority of members to be friendly, polite and respectful.
    Without Moderators there's always the option of just removing oneself from the situation. That would seem to me to be the simplest and obvious solution. It's a mouse click.


    Before the public space existed this place was hoppin'.  The  only thing that existed was the lobby
    and one on one rooming. But, yeah, I think I can count on my fingers the number of people that
    post here now. We don't need mods, I agree.

    Just follow the golden rule and everyone have a bit of grace.


    I agree 100% Andrea.  I wish everyone would follow the golden rule and have grace as well.  If only everyone would.

    My spouse and I enjoy all of the public rooms together and have seen many incidents of harassment and bullying.  I'd really rather see them worked out than continually report people so they can be banned and taught to follow the golden rule the hard way.  I wish I was talking about just a few people being rude analetta, and I won't defend them or waste my time making excuses for them.  Yes I imagine if V and I spent all our time roomed or in lobby we would not encounter anything either.


    I'm planning on having a wander around the public spaces a little later this evening, so I'll be in a slightly better position to form an opinion. If I encounter any rudeness or cyber-bullying I don't intend to get involved, though my normal instinct would be to rip them to shreds with a few words, I'll just move along quietly having noted the person's name and post my opinion in this public forum.
    I hope that there won't be anything to report. Particularly as I brought a new member here today from another site I use and plan on bringing over more. They're quite used to being in chat rooms with 100 plus people present at one time, but even with that amount of people, and with a dozen different chat rooms, there are few occasions where the Mods are roused from their slumber to intervene.
    It would be a shame if I was strolling around having encouraged people to join and they were witness to, or worse,  the target of, any rudeness or bullying. It's a big internet, but the adult chat community is fairly small. Word quickly spreads.

    Let's hope my amble around our streets passes without incident.


    I returned a short time ago from visiting all of the meeting places and have to say I witnessed no rudeness or bullying in any of them (with the exception of Night Shift, but more on that shortly).
    The first I visited was Winter. The largest number of people present while I was there was around a dozen or so. Everyone seemed friendly and polite. No drama there.

    Next was Summer. A few more people, but again, nothing but people having a wander and a chat. There was a couple fucking in public, which isn't my cup of tea, but if it's what they want to do, fine. I'm not shocked or offended by it, if I was I would just leave, bit it's something I have no interest in. Again, no drama.

    On to the 2 City locations and again, no signs of anything amiss, just people chatting, a couple dancing, all was friendly and no drama to report.

    And finally, and a place I'd never visited before tonight, but is going to become a regular haunt from now on, Night Shift. Fewer people than the other locations, I think 5 girls in the windows and Clients popping in and out (no pun intended), but again no drama. Just Achatters chatting and getting on with what they're on the site for.
    The highlight of my night, and the only time I witnessed any abusive behaviour (but it was definitely in keeping with the tone) was iamamilf's Comedy Cabaret. I was belly laughing at times. It was hilarious. if you've never been down there to see it I encourage you to do so. Next time I go I'll be taking a chair so I can enjoy it in comfort without having to stand. But again no dramas.

    So, after spending an evening going round the meeting places I was witness to nothing but what I'd expect. Maybe I was lucky and chose a good night to visit, I don't know. As I've said previously, I've never been one to visit them. The people I spoke to were perfectly polite and friendly, even the poor working girls standing in the windows were cheerful. I think we should have a whip round and get them chairs to sit on.

    One opinion I'd like to throw out is that I think a Night Club or a Pub/Bar would be a good idea. Just my opinion, some may disagree.
    After tonight I'd certainly be happy to visit any of them again, and will definitely be doing so with Night Shift.


    AChat Team: I leave you to review my own report including screenshots and chatlogs from both forum and game.  The wide difference of opinions indicate the need for Moderation in my eyes, but I leave it in your capable hands.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    Have they replied yet ?


    Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There?


    LOL Of course not.

    But we are not holding our breath either.


    I don't blame you Jessi….asphyxiation is a tricky endeavour    lol

    Just kidding.

    Hope you get a response from them soon.

    Enjoy your day.

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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