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    FROM FEB 2017. Interview by GsCougar x

    3. Vaughan

    Interviewee is Vaughan!

    1) How long have you been here? Why did you originally join? Has that view changed to now (did you join for the sex and now prefer chatting with friends)

    I joined December 2015 so have been a member of Achat 15 months now.
    I joined because, I was bored of porn. I wanted more and a friend mentioned virtual brain sex. I was intrigued and decided to try it for 3 months. LOL. I was obviously bowled over as I am still here.

    2) What were your first impressions of the game? Describe your first day.

    Bewilderment on how everything worked. I got stuck in the Santa hat, but most do that right? LOL.

    3) What have you enjoyed the most about Achat?

    Fun with friends of both sexes and People’s sexy imagination and that you can role play your fantasies and the whole enjoyment of Achat life.

    4) Your best memories?

    There are several :
    Meeting ladies who inspire my sexual imagination
    Then the moment I asked my special lady to be my spouse and … GsCougar said yes.
    When my first story – Christening The Aqua Pirate – made 3rd place in Erotic Story Contest 11 – Christmas Time.

    5) Your worst memories?
    When a person, you trusted betrayed that trust, but that’s Achat and temptation is great and all around.

    6) What would be the one thing you would change/add/remove from the game?
    Change – more info on the upgrades and expected dates posted in forum.
    Add – the ability to send a Rose(s) ; chocolates ; cuddly toy as gifts as well as A$
    Remove – the ability to see what a player owns in the MP’s

    7) What is your favourite and worst pose in the game?
    Favourite – “At the Wall” & “Against the wall”
    Worst – pegging poses. Not my thing at all. I don’t even own them.

    8 ) What is a turn on in a partner? What turns you on?
    When my partner interacts with my efforts at making our room exciting and enjoyable. When they join in with the narrative and we inspire and encourage each other.

    I am a dominant hetero male so a submissive female partner turns me on and is extremely attractive to me.

    9) What is a turn off in a partner? What turns you off?
    When a partner is rude or makes zero effort in a room or just clicks poses and fails to follow the narrative, so the room becomes a comedy at best or just plain frustrating and then boring.
    When the partner is or tries to be dominant (remember my thing is submissive or vanilla ladies) and the room becomes a battle of wills.

    10) Describe your ideal partner in 5 words.
    Fun, like-minded, adventurous, submissive and intelligent.

    11) Describe yourself in 5 words.
    Fun, Dominant, Adventurous, descriptive and sharp

    12) What is the worst/cheesiest pick up line you have heard?
    Worst – “Hello Daddy?”
    Cheesiest – “I’m a genie; I can make all your wishes come true.”

    13) Give us your cheesiest pick up line.
    I have 2.
    “I’m not staring at your boobs…. I’m staring at your heart.”
    “Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favourite.”

    14) What, if any, involvement do you have in the forum? (do you comment on posts, join in the polls, the events – dating game, races, contests)
    I support the Forum. I try and join in as much as possible, if not all, the contests and events to show support for all the efforts of the organisers and Moderators. They all work very hard with little or no thanks so taking part is important to show our appreciation.

    15) And finally what would be your best advice to a newbie?

    3 Golden Rules.

    1. Be polite which includes NO COLD INVITES & chat where possible
    2. Be inventive and make your profile in the game and also in forum to be as attractive as possible
    3. Buy the slow dance pose and lying on bed foreplay pose as soon as you can so you can chat or court and get to know your potential sexual partners.

    Thank you Vaughan for your insight into the world of Achat!

    You are welcome sweetheart RIP


    If you like erotic naughty stories and poems then you might like to read mine on Literotica.

    If you do and enjoy them, I would appreciate a 5 star rating.

    Here they are :




    Bruce Springsteen – Jersey girl













Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 192 total)
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