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    Dedicated to our Military and the fallen service men & women.
    Thank you for your service, all you have done, all you have achieved and all you have given for us.


    The Crashing of shells!
    Shrapnel and exploding earth!
    Will I survive this?

    Helmet slips down to
    Eyes, with splatterings of blood.
    Loud and scary times.

    Not my blood Thank God!
    But the poor soul blown to bits,
    Standing next to me.

    A mush of flesh there,
    Is all that remains of him!
    God keep me safe prayers!

    A wounded comrade
    Seen in the red grass ahead.
    I pull him to stand

    “Run and keep moving,”
    I shout above the mad din
    More exploding clods!

    He nods, turns and falls.
    A bullet lodged in his brain!
    Instant death this time.

    In the deathly smog,
    More deadly enemy fire,
    Cutting down brave men.

    Choking as I breathe,
    Bad air and death everywhere.
    Eyes sting and mouth dry.

    Too much blood stains me!
    Mostly from others, not mine.
    The horrors of war.

    I see enemy!
    A murderous soldier looms!
    It is me or him!

    He lunges for me,
    With rifle and bayonete.
    I parry and slice.

    He falls with dead eyes.
    My swipe firm and fatal
    A man in his prime.

    Exhausted and tired.
    Another man meets his death,
    As I fire and hit.

    The battle rages.
    All around me dead soldiers.
    The war of countries.

    Bullets whizzing round.
    Screams of fatal injuries!
    Dodging and weaving.

    Praying I survive.
    My mind already war scarred.
    Nightmares now sown.

    Will I ever know
    The Peace we fight for so strong?
    A bullet finds target…

    My leg’s searing pain!
    I fall to the ground, screaming.
    Blackness and breathless.

    I see enemy!
    The murderous soldier looms!
    It is me or him!

    His deathly eyes wide!
    Screaming I fight for my life.
    I am held down fast.

    “It’s ok Soldier,”
    A feminine voice calms me.
    “You are safe now here.”

    Hospital Care now.
    Physical injuries heal.
    Mental scars still hurt.

    War’s cost is too high!
    Dialogue and compromise
    Is the way forward.
    Ask the soldiers who know!

Viewing 2 posts - 151 through 152 (of 152 total)
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