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Why women refuse to reply.

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    There are many posts in this thread that I agree with and sympathize with.  Both men and women are often frustrated with the socializing that occurs in this game.  The profiles don't offer us much space to stand out and be distinct, other than in our clothing.  So it is often difficult for a guy to know what to say to a woman to distinguish himself as 'conversation' worthy since he doesn't know much about her to begin with other than her avatar's outfit.  Overall, the only thing any of us can do, is remain polite, patient, and try to use complete sentences.  Much like socializing at a bar or any other venue, no one is guaranteed to meet someone with whom they will click. Still, we all keep trying for various reasons.  Either we are seeking fantasies to be explored, or conversations and connections because we are lonely.  I think part of being 'distinct' when being brave and approaching a woman is having the integrity to not flip out when she doesn't respond, as well as not feel crushed.  Some people on here have been very nice.  Others don't seem to have the ability to carry a conversation, let alone be very descriptive in their actions once in a room.  But I am confidant that there are more gems here than coals, and sooner or later everyone will find someone to enjoy shining with in a room. 


    Not to necro post but I think this post strikes at the heart of probably the only frustrating part of AChat. The out of room chatting. A few things I have noticed and their hiccups.

    1. The green light doesn't change when the person you are viewing enters a room. You have to leave their profile and come back to refresh it. Nothing like sending a message and no response only to have your next message get hit with a busy msg. Ah oops yellow light. damn the timing.

    2. AFKs. When you set your status to busy for all due to AFK you dont get any messages sent while you are AFK. Grrr. I love my friends and always reply SO How do I know they are patiently waiting my return from RL? I dont set the busy status so I can read their pokes and respond. This of course may lead to a frustrated few who weren't around for my brb msg.

    3. Stars on non premium profiles..ok this just gives me a headache. All my friends are premium. (Sorry freebies I like the baby batter payoff) I set to busy for free users and oooops One of my friends was blocked because her sub expired. Grrrr.

    All in all I can say this about the pokes and heys. When I log in and I get a 'hey' I pull up your profile so I know who I am talking to. I just think it polite. If I am inundated with conversations and your single syllable greeting comes over I may not take the time to properly greet you. If your opening line is lewd or your profile pic is your package then I hit ignore. Different strokes for different folks. 


    well here is my 2 cents on this topic

    I suppose i am somewhere between a newbie  and a oldbie  having been here about a year,  but from my point of view it comes down to this.

    there are as many reasons  that people dont answer many of which have been covered  already  by others already, but to me it is  fairly simple.

    Everyone here  has a perfect body, pretty face, nice clothes and my pet peeve BBC please  every male avatar has a big cock, unlike breasts  which come in various sizes (sorry free users but if dont think highly enough of the game  to invest a dollar a week to play then it tells people  just how real you are and being real means a lot  to us)  so basicly  everyone is the same, so you need to find something to distinguish yourself  from the masses of people here.

    What differentiates you?

    it comes down to your personality (and character but that wont become apparent till long after your  made a connection) so you need to approach people  in a manner that lets them know your  different  unique  from the  millions  of  “hey sexy  wanna fuck.”

    or even worse  is the  cold invite, who are you  to just invite someone you havent had the decency to even say G'day to, I not some  standing cock waiting for a pussy, im a human being, with a  brain and  feelings  and lets be honest sex here is  mainly in the brain with an avatar  and  poses  to aid in creating your fantasies.

    Oh and pose clickers  please go find  a free porn site  watch a 5 minute  vid  and  then get on with your  life, dont  come on here  and  frustrate the rest of us  who actually work at creating a pleasant environment  where we can mutually fulfil our sexual fantasies.

    WOW  I just had a thought  how good would it be if you could rate your  partners,
    a 5 star rating on several areas like  personality creativity politeness respect selfishness foreplay  after play ect im sure  you could  add a few  more  suitable  areas (I be interested in hearing your thoughts on this ?)

    I could go on for  hours  but  start being a real person and I sure you will find that your connection rate  will improve  and you actually start to make real friends  not just a cunt to stick your dick in.

    Go live learn and  enjoy your life  be it virtual or real

Viewing 3 posts - 136 through 138 (of 138 total)
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