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Why women refuse to reply.

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    Is it just me or is it just that people in this community are too stuck-up? I got curious about 6 hours ago and signed up, got premium and all that and tried chatting people up. Out of 10 people I messaged, only 2 bothered to respond. Even though I'm a legitimate newbie and have no idea what the heck is going on, most of the people who even responded to me laughed at me and sneered, “Nice try,” before ignoring me.

    I've been trying for the past couple hours with breaks in between without any success, and I'm thinking of quitting already. There ought to be some system that penalizes people for ignoring messages (-A$10) unless they're legitimately busy. Trying to keep an open mind about AChat here, but it's difficult to remain interested at this point.

    Hi lucian87, 

    Strong words for someone who’s only tried out the game for 6 hours and then a further 2.

    I tried it out for 10 weeks before I joined up and it took me 4 weeks to figure out how to get the Santa hat off and the glasses LMAO.  And let me tell you, I met my fair share of Cookie Monsters.
    3 1/2 years later, I still do.  Go check out some of the Worst chat Ups Topic to see what some have to put up with.

    There are several reasons why people don’t respond. Don’t take it personal. They could be in several conversations at once.  There are more guys here than girls so there is competition out there whether you like it or not.  Check out the guys profiles and make sure yours is up there to catch attention.

    Some may even be away from keyboard,  at work  :o,   or here in forum.

    Some may not like your approach. So try something different. A romantic type message can work or at least be an ice breaker. Don’t expect to room. Some like to chat first to see if there is any chemistry and some are in long term Achat relationships and choose to room with their spouse or special lover only. Some may play but give priority to their special lover first if they are on line at the same time or it may even be an arranged date. 

    There are people from all over the world here. Some don’t speak good English, some not at all. People’s humour is different and “Nice Try” may seem offensive to you but to the other person, it may have been an opener to start a conversation, you could try answering …

    “I thought so too, took me an age to think of it. I’m new, any pointers to improve it?” and if they answer, the start is a good one.

    If not leave it awhile and try elsewhere. They may be in chat.

    Then after a reasonable time. “I take it you are busy, thank you for replying. Have fun and a great evening”

    The thing is, don’t presume, they are ignoring you, presume they are busy.  A bad attitude won’t make you attractive to girls on here. Most are here to enjoy themselves and someone who moans can soon be replaced with a more pleasant conversation.

    You can’t fine someone for not talking to you, it’s a bit like stamping your foot in a tantrum. Best thing to do is try, try, and try again. Don’t give up but be pleasant and don’t judge people.

    This game is what you make it.  Give it a chance.

    You did the right thing joining the forum village. The residents here are the best in the world and are not stuck up at all. That is quite a sweeping statement you made there and you could offend people.  You could even get a virtual punch in the nose.   

    Try introducing yourself in the below topic. You will no doubt meet more of us and may make new friends.

    Forum Homepage / Organisations & Events / Introduce yourself,22.0.html

    Good Luck and I hope your efforts are rewarded in kind.

    oh yeah,

    As a veteran of Second Life, the options in AChat are appallingly limited. It also appears that lots of women don't put in a smidgin of effort into making their avatars look like they weren't run over by an 18-wheeler truck and put back together by a child with cerebral palsy using super-glue. It's a bit difficult to compliment on anything in their anatomy that stands out when limited effort has been put in by the women.

    That's rude,  When in Rome … and all that.  You are getting a virtual punch in the nose.


    @ Blue

    Oh Blue. lol, yea I was just joking. By now you should know most of what I say shouldn't be taken seriously. I'm just a silly dummy.  :

    Though, you'd be surprised by how successful I can be, by just being silly. I have actually recited a poem similar to what I typed earlier and have been successful. It's like what BB says. For some, that sort of humor can be gold..while at times it can be a cold lump of shit. Just gotta know how to read em'.

    My trademark ice breaker though? This:

    @—-'–,—-'–,—'–    A rose for the princess    *winks* 



    Roses would work for me. Romantic does it every time, I'm just soppy really.


    To any new man who might read that topic:

    First, you should know that here in Achat we, women, are minority among users. Men are more numerous. That means, a woman you're trying to talk to is probably already busy chatting with someone else. So, if she doesn't reply, do not take offence. She is not an octopus and and cannot answer to all chats at once. And, sometimes she can be afk as well. So, learn to be patient.

    Second, be unique. Or try to be, at least. When i used to play Achat, i could get exactly the same 'Hi, how are you' ten times in a row. So do you really think a woman will want to answer this ten times in a row to ten different users? So, learn to be creative.

    Third, human brain is wonderful masterpiece of evolution/creation (whatever the concept you do believe in), use it! Seriousely, guys, be smart. While it isn't really nesessary to be a rocket scientist, it is nesessary to be smart in usual everyday manner. I, for example, have absolutely no interest in reading about the size of your pennis. First, because that size does not matter to me at all, and second, because Achat is a videogame and in this game all and every male model have exactly the same size of his pennis. And again, Achat is a videogame with chat, so the only way to impress a woman here is to chat to her! So, learn to be smart.

    Fourth, do not look at a woman as at underhuman being. We aren't 'bitches', 'whores', 'chicks', or whatever. Well, some of us are, but those usually write that in their player profile. If you do not read on woman's profile that she likes to be called that way, than take the aforementioned advice and be smart, do not address to her with such foul words. In any case, good manners won't hurt anyone. And yes, calling an unknown lady 'a babe' is vulgar and not nice at all. So, learn to be polite.

    And the final advice, we do not always want to reveal everything about ourselves, think of that and respect that. If a lady had wrote that she won't use skype and won't send any photos, do not aks her for that! If a lady had put '99' as her age, than she probably do not want to tell her exact age. And yes, it is impolite to ask a lady about her age. It is still impolite even in the net. Also, if she put the country name in her profile, do not ask her where's she from. When i had 'Russia' in my profile, i still received questions which country i'm from. Yes, that's silly. And that also shows that you do not bother to read about person who you want to play with. So, learn to read player's profiles!


    Well said Nexe,  and welcome to Forum,

    Please introduce yourself to the rest of our residents.

    Forum Homepage / Organisations & Events / Introduce yourself,22.0.html 


    and change out of the blue sweater+bald head


    Blue sweater and bald head? That's ok. I've started telling people that they had better put some clothes on, if they want to get somewhere.


    I dunno… personally I get a lot of the girls with the free hair, face, green or white top and jeans…. I've taken to not replying to them a lot of the time because I give them the benefit of a doubt and they're like “wanna fuck?”…. girls have to be creative too..


    I usually dont blame them, if you start AChat you might think everybody is here just to have sex. If they are nice least i answer… but those who are new and at once asking for money… i love playing with their minds. And i agree Chaser, many of them are guys


    Bumping an old topic, but this is something that's been on my mind recently.

    I've tried, genuinely, to respond to everyone.  Of course, there are a few that message me that go instantly on ignore, those are usually ones that want to rape me or something else extremely taboo.  But, I find that too many men can't seem to accept a polite refusal.  A polite refusal is just me being respectful, it's not me wanting to be convinced to room with you.   So, I've given up.  Sorry to the ones that might actually be nice and interesting (show it in your approach to me and odds are that I'll respond.)  But I'm tired already of men who expect me to service every cock on achat.  Add that to the amount of messages I get, honestly, I just get overwhelmed, especially when I have to explain why I'm not interested in someone, just accept no for no!

    Plus I have a few other things that have already been mentioned.

    I may be AFK
    I may be about to jump in a room.
    I may be super busy.

    Then a few specific to me:
    I like to be very descriptive, language barriers can be frustrating.
    I like to have partners that are 28+
    The way you dress may turn me off.  Blue sweaters are ugly.  As is latex, g-strings, nudity.
    Certain hairstyles too, achat is visual and if your avatar isn't attractive, then no, just no.
    You have mentioned being owned or loving someone else on your profile.  Potential drama and it makes me feel like I'm involved in cheating, which is something that revolts me rather than turns me on.
    Your profile mentions incest.  I'm not your mother, nor do I want to be your daughter.
    Your profile is blank.  At least make some effort!


    I'd like to add one thing, which is that sometimes the chat interface is frustratingly difficult to use, resulting in me sometimes not noticing that someone has messaged me, sometimes in mistells on my part.

    So if I don't respond, maybe it's because i've given up scrolling up and down in the window, clicking, clicking, clicking, trying to find a relevant message from someone. Maybe it's because I just didn't see the message. Maybe it's because I'm just overwhelmed with four or five people trying to talk to me at once.

    My apologies to anyone I've possibly offended because of this.


    Very  few times  Do I answer . 
    I feel there are to many fools  all they seek is sex  with out a  hello
    its mostly hey what to *&^%$ or want to S*&^% my  not all are in to just sex .whambam

    I  like to chat and now and then there are nice guys that are gentleman  I find that is  rare that there are  guys that do enjoy
    chatting only …

    I would not reply to any one  that  comes on with a cheesy come on ..

    I like to be respected  and looked as a person  not just a  fun toy ,  some my call me a cold B but its ok ,I know who I am and I feel good .


    ..i know i get attacked when i say that now,it sounds here as would be only the men on achat disrespectful…


    No you don't, of course also some girls are disrespectful. Just this topic is about why women refuse to reply


    There is  lot of disrespect on both men women  dont matter  who it is there  just  some that are so rude  and think
    its ok to just  to start off  with a cheesy  come on .
    It is very  simple  if people get to say hello and and be polite
    and see if the other person is interested . I like to think of suggestions salutations  to deal with problems like this

    to me one would be if  Achat team would just make public rooms where avatar's  would meet, club  and socializing
    to make it easy for others to talk  I think this has been suggested  in the past many time

    Achat you like suggestions on how to improve the game  , this is one of them  …….FoxyRoxxy

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