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Achat Town Square. Instant Chat Channel for Forum Members.

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    After much deliberation, I have finally decided to create a chat group or Town Square for achat members to gather and have casual discussions. This group is a reasonable alternative for those who wish to avoid the usage of Skype or Facebook for group interaction. 

    The Town Square serves as a sort of supplement to the achat experience. Where once you were only able to chat 1 on 1 in game, now -if you so desire- you can venture to the 'Town Square' and engage in group chats with as many people as you wish (thus reducing the pm clutter so many users on achat are plagued with) . Invite friends to the group, or simply interact with those who are already present. Just open the above link, shown in green. Then just sit back, have a laugh and share a story with friends from the game or forum.

    A Guide to Pachacuti

    It ain't easy being a panda. Sure, he has Stone around to help out, but he can't depend on her all the time. As fortune would have it,  I happened to inherit a huge stockpile of bamboo leaves from my crazy auntie who recently departed this mortal plane. I needed a worker. He needed more bamboo leaves. We both decided it was in our best interest to work together, and form a partnership. Thus was born, Pachacuti the Guide of the Achat Square.

    Pachacuti -a bot that frequents the square- is there to help guide members during their visit in the Town Square or to simply provide some amusement when things get a little slow. This brief tutorial offers new users (or current ones) an in depth tutorial on how to utilize Pachacuti.

    Prefix Commands

    With the exception of a few commands, Pachacuti usually responds to the prefix # followed by the command. For example, if you wish to ask Pachacuti for a hug, you simple type in #hug. If you wish to have him hug someone else, you type #hug (person).

    There are many commands Pachacuti is willing to perform, for entertainment purposes. If you wish to suggest any, simply PM one of the mods, so your suggestion can be penciled in later. Below are the commands written in thus far. In order to see the command list during your visit in the room, simply type in #commandlist.

    #hug, #massage, #fuckhukk, #beer, #playdead, #wine, #slap #dance, #cleanaquarium, #mimes, #sing, #kitten, #performshakespeare, #revolt, #eat, #batteries, #tea, #kick, #incalord, #sweepstreets, #plantingflowers, #high5, #popcorn, #feedme

    Help and hotkey

    If you need help figuring out what commands Pachacuti responds to, or simply wish to inquire on the Forum or chat group type in #help in the room. This will prompt Pachacuti to display a menu listing for the user to look over and choose which category they wish to explore.

    #help///#rules, #aboutcommands, #drinks, #events, #advertisements, #moderators, #forumvillage

    The hk function is used when you wish to avoid rummaging through the help menu to figure out certain commands. It displays the most frequent commands for your disposal. Simply type in hk (no prefix in front).

    #artistalley, #joinforum, #commandlist, #barcommandlist, #help, #journeycontest, #achatbargrill, #technicalissues,#offtopic

    (*** the amount of hk commands may grow over time, depending on the popularity of some commands)

    Triggered Commands

    As seen in the last topic, often times, Pachacuti will respond when a specific phrase or word is typed in the group, i.e typing hk without a prefix. These triggers are limited to when a member departs from the group, typing hk or when wishing for a drink order.


    Pachacuti is here to make your stay at the square an enjoyable one. In order to guarantee users enjoy their stay, Pachacuti now does drink requests. Do you want your drink to be a strawberry milk shake instead of just some generic beer? Well, just message one of the moderators present and your order will come right up! We'll make sure to write in your specific drink request for Pachacuti to serve. To enjoy your own unique drink simply type in drink(your name) i.e drinkhukk. If you wish to present another member with their own unique drink simply type in drink(their name) ie drinkhisgirlonly.

    If you have any more questions regarding Pachacuti, simply ask one of the mods present for further assistance.


    Along with ordering your own personal beverage, the Town has its own bar that provides a long list of colorful, delicious drinks. Simply type in #barcommandlist to see the 3 Bar menu options (type in whichever option strikes your fancy). They will be: nonalcoholmenu, beermenu and alcoholmenu. Once picked, you will see a listing of drinks in each respective menu to choose from. Bottoms up and enjoy!

    A Guide to Swedish Chef. Bork!

    Pressured by Union reps who claimed we were over working Pachacuti, we decided to cut down on Pacha's hours and give him some time off. This presented with a problem, as we realized we needed to hire someone to cover Pacha's hours! Enter the Swedish Chef. A friend of Mrsexlover, the Swedish Chef is there to provide you with some delectable food offerings for you to munch on, while you lounge around with other Town square occupants. Just be mindful..he may add a little extra to your food.

    The Swedish Chef operates in the same fashion as Pachacuti, utilizing Prefix Commands, and Triggers. Please refer to the Pachacuti guide if you require an explanation of the two functions. Currently Swedish Chef has the following Prefix commands at his disposal:

    #help,#menu,#breakfast, #lunch, #dinner, #dessert & #snack menu's, #fuck, #cook, #music

    Help and scm hotkey

    If you need assistance in how to operate the Swedish Chef, simply type in #help and he will provide a very easy to understand guide, for users. Also, for members convenience, Swedish Chef has hotkeys (scm) if you wish to skip rummaging through the menu and simply observe the most popular functions.
    The scm hotkeys are:

    #help, #menu, #breakfast, #lunch, #dinner, #dessert, #snack ,#chefcommand

    Personal Dishes

    Like Pachacuti with drinks, Swedish Chef will prepare special dishes for users upon request. Simply message Mrsexlover and the Swedish Chef will work on preparing your food. If you wish to view your dish, just type food(your name). i.e foodhukk.

    If you have any further questions regarding the Chef, either message Mrsexlover or me and we'll try out best in assisting.

    Achat Square Games

    Thanks to some of the mods and members in the square, we have developed a few games to make your experience here at the square, a fun one. Below are some of the games created thus far. If you wish to suggest any games, please contact any of the mods via pm so that we may consider including it in our list.

    1. Roomies Rules

    The caller (player A)  selects a player (player b). That player ( then chooses a member (player c) to answer a question about.
    The caller (player A) asks a question about player c
    Player b must answer correctly with first guess. Other players may give hints.
    If successful player b is then caller for the next round
    As always, please remember to respect players with both questions and answers. We luv our roomies.

    2.T and D Game Rules

    •   Person A picks a person (person to choose TRUTH or DARE
    •   If person B chooses TRUTH person A will ask he/she a question (honesty is expected but we won't enforce it)
    •   If person B chooses DARE, person A has to dare them to do something of their choosing, or else!
    •   When person B completes the Truth or Dare they get to either pick a person or if it goes down user list next person is up
    As always, please remember to respect players and be willing to stop role play if necessary.  Enjoy the Game!!!

    3.Movie Game Rules

    1. One person thinks of a movie in their head
    2. They then try to give scenes of the movie WITHOUT saying the title
    3. If it is a hard movie the player keeps giving scenes, but has to let others make a few guesses
    4. If the person guesses the right movie it is their turn to go unless they cant think of one.
    5. If a person that guessed the movie cant think of one the rest of the participants can choose a movie.
    6. Movie genres can be anything except porno movies 

    4. Song Charades Rules

    1. One person thinks of a song in their head
    2. They try to RP out a scene from the song and give some lyrics to make it more easier in guessing.
    2. You CANNOT give the name of the singer or the title of the song
    3. If it is a hard song to guess the player keeps giving scenes and lyrics, but has to let others make a few guesses
    4. If the person guesses the right song and artist it is their turn to go unless they cant think of one.
    5. If a person that guessed the song and artist cant think of one the rest of the participants can choose a song.

    Personal Information

    Users who visit the Town Square should be made aware that information shared in the chat room, may be shared with others. While, the mods along with myself, will try our best to keep certain things discussed in the room private, we can not control the actions of other users who are present. It is recommended that you keep certain sensitive information to yourself when chatting in the chat room, less you wish to risk having such information float around among users .

    Rules for the Town Square

    Though this chat group may not officially be a part of achat, I, along with the other chosen moderators there, will in our best efforts, try to follow the same guidelines provided by achat, as stipulated in the link below.

    The chat group will also feature specific rules applying to only the chat group. (Because of the constantly evolving nature of the chat room, more rules may be added or current ones modified. Please make sure to check regularly in order to be sure you are not breaking any of the rules)

    1) Spamming – The chat group has an automated setting to enforce a 15 minute ban to anyone who spams in the room. Usually it is triggered if the poster messages in the chat room too fast within a small amount of time i.e 8+ posts under ten seconds. While, this may seem like a nuisance to some members, the spam setting works in preventing a huge clutter of messages by users, and from those wishing to abuse the chat room for mischievous purposes. In the end the spam setting is hardly noticeable, and has received few complaints thus far. Just keep in mind of the ban trigger, and keep vigilant of how quickly you're posting in the group.

    2) Explicit RP – Sexual RP -ranging from rping a kiss to actual sexual intercourse- is allowed, however it is a fine provided it meets the following criterias:

    A) The moderators present in the room give the users a thumbs up to proceed (messaging you privately or in public in finding the rp acceptable). If the RP seems to breech any of the forum rules (containing incest, bestiality, or young material) we will be forced to stop the rp.

    The RP does not disrupt the flow and tempo of the room. If you, and another are involved in RP and other users present are involved as well or simply continue to converse with other users (not participate essentially), that is acceptable. If however, you and your partner RPing are the only ones RPing while others seem uninvolved, and it seems to ward off new members from participating in the room, then a moderator will ask you -through PM- to take this to an achat room.

    The decision to stop RP will be enforced upon the Moderators discretion if RP seems to be breaching any of the 2 above mentioned criteria's.

    Color coded Warning System

    Those found breaching the guidelines mentioned, face the possibility of getting banned from the chat group (Keep in mind, such punishments will not extend to the actual achat game). We will give users 4 warnings.

    1st Warning ~ A quick message either through PM or chat room (upon the moderators discretion) to the offending person(s) telling him/her to cease whatever behavior may be disrupting the room.

    2nd Warning ~ A yellow coded card either through PM or chat room. This is usually given if the offender(s) ignore the first warning and continue to behave in a way that disrupts the room.

    3rd Warning ~ Another yellow card is given through the aforementioned methods, by the Moderator. This is given after repeated offenses and when the offender(s) show total disregard for the warnings given currently and in thepast (hours or days ago) by Moderators.

    4th Warning ~ You will be banned. The longevity of the ban depends on the severity of the offense. It may range from a few hours to indefinite. If you wish to appeal and have the ban lifted, PM me either through achat or here, on the forum.

    All users will be notified on the amounts of warnings he/her currently has (you can also PM moderators asking if they currently have any warnings). Be warned that all Moderators will be informed which users have warnings. Do not assume that a new Moderator coming into a room will not be aware of your past warning(s) from other Moderators and that you, -the user- will have a clean slate with the current moderator. 

    Remember to behave accordingly and to just have fun.


    I really love this , and am wondering why a chat-room (where groups larger than 3 could talk) was not already a part of the Achat experience. Now you can bring as many forum friends as you like into a room to converse. As more people come it will be a relaxing way to meet new friends also. So if you've enjoyed someones posts in forum, maybe you can get to know them in the Town  Square


    Amazing idea Hukk!

    -gives hukk a high 5- 

    hope to see more people in the Town Square!   


    Great idea Hukk.  I have visited the Achat Town Square and no doubt will again.

    Well done on taking the time and effort to  set it up .    :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


    Like it Hukk


    I'm there Great idea from the normal chat…hope to make talking with the regulars easier…


    great place it wa not a bad idea


    Yes I agree great place Hukk good work for starting it up

    New lets get evey one on the




    Thanks everyone here who posted, for their support.

    🙂 I like to give a big shout out to the achat mods Lover, BB, HB and Bear (you’re here in spirit Bear!) who have backed me up 100% in creating this site. Also, a big shout out to HGO for pushing me in creating the site, and acting as a sort of loud speaker in spreading the word for this chat site. Thanks also to Tango (and HGO again) for accepting mod duties for the chat group.


    Great Idea Hukk,  will check it out


    Well done  Hukk


    What a lovely idea.  I have spent a short time there in the chat room,  Achat Town Square,  and met some lovely people I wouldn't otherwise have done.

    May I also urge all who are trying the chat room to also sign up for Secret Valentine in Events. This is also a nice way to meet new friends on a fun none sexual date  ( Unless you agree to it of course ) here and in the game.

    Congratulations Hukk on all your hard work setting this chat place up for the Forum Village .

    Who knows, maybe we will meet on a Secret  Valentine date 


    I just had time for a very short check this morning. It sounds to be a good idea to get to know each other even better than here in forum. Thanks for bringing it up hukk, it's worth a try.

    Thanks stone, for mentioning the Secret events. These and all the other events and contests should be posted there too


    It's a great idea for extending the scope of Achat and enables you to meet people that you might not otherwise see in game.

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