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Achat Town Square. Instant Chat Channel for Forum Members.

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    Yes its a busy time in the square,
    The Square mods and management extend to
    all forum members and freinds an invite to
    halloween fright night on october 31st

    as we announce the winners of the halloween contests


    the squares anniversary on
    Saturday the 7th of November at 8pm
    join us as we celebrate
    with a night of drinking and carousing


    Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more


    Happy Anniversary to The Achat Town Square.

    Happy happy!!! and happy jinger bird, jinger bird!!!!

    🙂 (mmmm i though it was gingle bells gingle bells… 😛 )


    When the dates are cold
    And your virtue's sold
    And the masquerade
    Is becoming old.

    When invites all fail
    And the Pervs prevail
    And the worst of all
    Is when talk runs stale

    If you wanna be rescued
    The Square can shelter you
    Its's somehwere you can hide
    Follow me…come inside.

    No matter what we need
    Friends, Cookies, Drinks or Weed..
    This is my kingdom come
    This is my kingdom come

    When you feel the need
    To run from Achat fiends
    This is the place for you
    With hugs from our Pachu
    Let your hair hang down
    Play your favorite tune
    It’s where the Wiz presides
    With Queen Bee by his side.

    When the cards displease
    And the sinners tease
    And your skin just crawls
    When the players beat..

    There is no escape
    From the mess they make
    When the wanker spray
    Comes out way too late..

    Its time to fold your hand
    And find the promised land.
    And know you're not alone
    We'll be your second home

    Its not your average scene
    King Pachu reigns supreme
    This is my kingdom come
    This is my kingdom come

    When you feel the need
    To run from Achat lies
    We have a place for you
    Where you can speak the truth
    Come and have a seat
    We'll serve your favorite drink
    No Need to ask you why
    We'll let your demons hide.

    The Friends are here to make
    It's up to you not fate
    It's woven in your soul
    You know its time to go.

    Our lights they shine so bright
    Leave the darkness behind
    You can escape it now
    So let us show you how.

    When you feel the Need
    To Laugh.. Belong or Breathe
    The Square is there for you
    With Contests, Cake and Brew
    Your Invite's been sent
    No need to reply
    Just come right on inside
    And let your Demons Fly.

    Lyrics by Jaynie


    Hi fellow AChat-ers!

    If you have had the chance to chat with me or Jessi, chances are we have spoken to you about the AChat Forum.
    We have held many contests through the years and worked hard on making the Forum a fun place to spend some time.

    We have analysed and done reviews on poses, written stories and kept old and new members up to date on various issues.

    Despite our efforts, and sometimes uphill struggle with Achat being busy with other things, we remain heavily invested in our Forum.
    It is the ONLY official place to obtain information and make inquiries that can be seen by every AChat member AND by AChat administrators.
    It is free to use by everyone.
    You can join and post if your Achat Level is 8 or over & if not, you can still read until you become eligible to join.

    Some have stated that it is difficult and confusing to use so we have decided to give this topic and The Achat Town Square a Re-birth.

    We have started a Forum Chat Room on Discord in order to put those concerns aside and dispel those myths.

    So come have a look, come join our chat room, have a drink or a snack with new and old friends while learning about the Forum.
    Hopefully you will like what we have done and hang around with us while online.
    I’m sure everyone will make friends and I’m hoping it will become a good alternative to hang out when you have Achat Game down time.

    Come join us for a cocktail in AChat’s Town Square where you can explore the 27 sections of Forum at your leisure!
    And chill with other Achat friends.

    JessiCapri & I, hopefully with the help of others, will try and bring back the idea of Achat’s Town Square and hopefully bring it back to life and thrive once more.
    Those passed pioneers will not be forgotten.

    It will be different in 2024, as times have moved on and we now have a new platform in Discord.

    But we will try and run it with the same enthusiasm of the past and honour and remember the legacy of previous owners and helpers.

    In the words of the last owner AusWoody – “Remember a chat room lives or dies on the members. If you want the Square to be there, it is going to require your support, and a constant flow of new people passing thru and some staying, so feel free to invite your Achat friends.”

    Rebirth of Achat’s Town Square also known as ATS – Friday 5 January 2024
    Opened Sat 3 February 2024
    Owner – Vaughan
    Head Moderator – JessiCapri

    Fingers Crossed this is a success.
    Your Loyal Moderator

    A useful tip is when you see a link, such as below… Right click on the link and choose the option “Open Link in new tab”
    This will open a new tab or page for you, whilst keeping your original Achat’s Forum page open.
    If you do it this way, by doing the right click, you do not navigate away from the page you are in and get lost.
    Use the X, top right on the tab, to shut it down when you have finished

    (If the invite runs out, please let the me – the Moderator know.)


    Please be aware, the ATS is a Forum Discord Channel so members will be required to join forum as a condition of joining and encouraged to post.

    You will also have to use your Achat name, in this Achat Town Square (ATS) server & complete 10 simple tasks on joining. They are basically the small print – to confirm you are over 18 years, a member of Achat Game and if over Level 8, you will be expected to join Forum.
    If under Level 8. you will be expected to join Forum on attaining Level 8.

    There are also some fun Forum challenges where you can achieve Forum Badges.
    Please join and meet new friends.

    The below was created by AdyMin2k29.




    A nice banner for this amazing server. Enjoy !


    Fun in Amsterdam on St Patricks Day Sun 17 Mar 2024

Viewing 9 posts - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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