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    Well the ride has finally come to an end. Due to RL duties and distractions I have decided to step down as owner of achat town square. Hisgirlonly (Zoe), moderator and de facto co-owner of the square has decided too, to also step down. Our departure however does not mean the end of the Town Square. Having been planned a while back now, we received pleas from members to keep the square active or somehow have someone else administrate it. So, while one regime steps down, another ascends to the office of Square Owner to carry on the torch, in what I hope will be a lasting institution for achat.

    Congratulations to AusWoody for wishing to run the square. I wish him the best and hope other members will visit him to show some support.

    I would like to thank all moderators (past or present) Tangoracer,MrSexlover, CutieGuy, and Maron for all of your support and effort you put into the square. Out of kindness and friendship did they decide to regulate the square; making sure things were in order and presenting a fun, festive atmosphere for other users. Thanks to you guys again. Your dedication did not go unnoticed.

    I would like to thank HisGirlOnly as well, mod and co-founder of the Square. It was because of you that this small idea I had developed in the wee hours of the night became something big. You were as much responsible for the creation of the Square and its development as I was, and I deeply appreciate all the work you put into it. Also as a good friend I would also like to say thanks for all the memories and thank you for the love, laughs, and kindness you provided for me. Goodbye to you my goofy aussie friend.

    A big thanks to all the members who visited and provided fun times over the course of 9 months. I thank you all and wish you all more good times.Goodbye and happy chatting.


    Massive thanks on behalf of the Game and Forum for all the work the founders put in to give an extra dimension to the Achat experience. I certainly made new friends through this chat room.

    Thank you to all the Square Moderators (past or present) Tangoracer, MrSexlover, CutieGuy, and Maron for all of your support and effort you put into The Square and making everyone feel welcomed and entertained.

    Special thanks to Hukk for setting it up and  HisGirlOnly and Tomi85 who's dedication to the cause ensured that it was the success it was. You will be missed.

    Congratulations to AusWoody on picking up the mantel and keeping The Square open for our members. Please support him by popping in and saying hi.  Your support is vital to keeping it open.

    I wish you well and every success.



    thank you to all involved in making the Square.
    nice to have aplace where i can meet people and talk about any little thing.


    You are always welcome Malphes and so is anybody else to join us in the sqaure


    Thanks Hukk, for  creating the square, ands special thanks to hgo (Zoe) for all her work in developing the the Square and Pachu.  Again myu thanks  to all who have  been supportive of the square and spent their time  in helping the square grow, Tango, Martin, Maron and HGO.

    Thanks to the Achat Forum Mods for their support and assistance, BrandyBee,Lover, Hentaiboy, Bear and Jayc.

    We had a few  challenges Zoe when i joined the square but  after all is said and done  we ended up good friends always remember i am always  here  and you're always  welcome   HUGS AND KISSES.

    Finally  i like to thank all members who have visited and supported the square  and i hope that you will feel comfortable  in continuing to do so

    ok thats the history, now the future.

    I have stepped up  and will do my best to make the square develop and grow, sure there are going to be some changes, some you will like   some you will loathe.

    I expect  feedback  pro and con  and any suggestions will be given equal consideration.

    Remember a chat room lives or dies on the members  if you want the Square to be there, it  going to require your  support, and a constant flow of  new people  passing thru, so feel free to invite  people .


    Minions Singing Jingle Bell – Merry Christmas 2014

    Merry Christmas  to All from The Achat Square Team BrandyBee (mod mgmt) Jingerbird, Maron, MrSexLover, Pachuciti Swedish Chef and Auswoody (bouncer)

    Well great news People, under  extreme duress i have been forced to host a christmas party in the square, it will run from wend 24th  thru to New Years day.

    Hey don't blame me for your hangovers.


    Oh yes its Christmas Come and party at the Square


    Not sure if it is worth saying but once there you have to click somewhere and create a login & profile. Wish I could say where….I was franticaly clicking trying to figure out what to do next. 


    been a while since i had to register i see about writing it up

    thanks for the feedback




    sounds great to me


    Oh my, and what are the details of this contest?


    As we approach the 12 month anniversary of the


    i wonder what significant thing has happened to you whilst in the square? if any?


    Congratulations to AusWoody on picking up the mantel and keeping The Square open for our members. Please support him by popping in and saying hi.  Your support is vital to keeping it open.

    I wish you well and every success.


    BIRTH of  The Square –  12 Feb 2014.   
    Hukk –  12 Feb 2014 to 3 Nov 2014
    AusWoody – 3 Nov 2014 to present day.

    Wow,  12  Months coming up for Aus taking over.

    May I extend my congratulations, well wishes and thanks to The Square  for all their hard work and dedication over and during the 12 months and hopefully in future months.

    AusWoody –  The owner.  For his dedication and determination to keep The Square open and alive for members. If it was not for you, we would not have had this extra facility to offer our members. Thank you for all your hard work, sponsoring and organising events for the enjoyment of members.

    Maron211177 –  The Square Head Moderator –  For her dedication, time, sponsoring events and supporting AusWoody in all his endeavours. You are invaluable to The Square. You are the strength and commitment that has helped The Square survive. Thank you. Your hard work & efforts are appreciated so much.

    Square ModeratorsJingerbird, Tangoracer, Martinus (nee mrsexlover) Jaynie.  Thank you to their dedication, commitment, belief in The Square and all their time & efforts.  All of you are special & important to the smooth running of The Square.  The last 12 months would not have been possible without your support and backing, especially when RL intervened and you all had to step up to the mark & be counted. Your support was and is invaluable & deeply appreciated.

    Hosts –  Tonyg, jvhelvis1979 –  Thank you for assisting in hosting when you are needed, for supporting The Square, AusWoody And The Moderators.  All your help and time is appreciated.  Your efforts and value is priceless and is much needed in the smooth running of The Square. Thank you.

    Pachacutie – The Robot Panda  & The Swedish Robot Chef –   Well we all adore them for running round after us – telling us of events ; providing food & drink & The live draws, especially in F1 sweeps ; the Eurovision Song Contest Sweep & Indy500 & Daytona Sweeps.  They are truly amazing.
    Special thanks to TonyG ; Maron ; Martinus & AusWoody for the Bots incredible activities. 

    And thank you to all our Square regulars who come in to chat and spend time with us ; members who pop by and say Hi. 
    The Chat Room is always open & everyone is welcome.  Sometimes we have hosts cover, sometimes not but on the whole – time cover is improving.

    Please pop in, say Hi and make new friends. All are welcome.

    Congratulations again to The Square for another 12 months of a chat room facility . Thank you to all who make it possible.   

    Well Done.  Top Effort and here's to many more months xxx

    The Square's National Anthem by Jaynie.,3031.msg137255.html#msg137255

    Demons – Imagine Dragons

    When the dates are cold
    And your virtue's sold
    And the masquerade
    Is becoming old.

    When invites all fail
    And the Pervs prevail
    And the worst of all
    Is when talk runs stale

    If you wanna be rescued
    The Square can shelter you
    Its's somehwere you can hide
    Follow me…come inside.

    No matter what we need
    Friends, Cookies, Drinks or Weed..
    This is my kingdom come
    This is my kingdom come

    When you feel the need
    To run from Achat fiends
    This is the place for you
    With hugs from our Pachu
    Let your hair hang down
    Play your favorite tune
    It’s where the Wiz presides
    With Queen Bee by his side.

    When the cards displease
    And the sinners tease
    And your skin just crawls
    When the players beat..

    There is no escape
    From the mess they make
    When the wanker spray
    Comes out way too late..

    Its time to fold your hand
    And find the promised land.
    And know you're not alone
    We'll be your second home

    Its not your average scene
    King Pachu reigns supreme
    This is my kingdom come
    This is my kingdom come

    When you feel the need
    To run from Achat lies
    We have a place for you
    Where you can speak the truth
    Come and have a seat
    We'll serve your favorite drink
    No Need to ask you why
    We'll let your demons hide.

    The Friends are here to make
    It's up to you not fate
    It's woven in your soul
    You know its time to go.

    Our lights they shine so bright
    Leave the darkness behind
    You can escape it now
    So let us show you how.

    When you feel the Need
    To Laugh.. Belong or Breathe
    The Square is there for you
    With Contests, Cake and Brew
    Your Invite's been sent
    No need to reply
    Just come right on inside
    And let your Demons Fly.




    Happy Anniversary to The Square

    Thank you for all that you do for us –   AusWoody, Maron, and the Moderators & hosts.

    It is very much appreciated & I hope you continue  for many years to come x

    Stone & Jayc. xxx


    Thanks Hukk, HGO, AusWoody, Brandy, FoxyRoxxy, Maron, Jaynie, Leigh, Jaynie, Peeka, Sexi, Jinger, Tango, Stone, Jayc, and all those people who make me have really good moments there!!!.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 54 total)
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