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More Lesbian Poses. FF and FFF.

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    Janine Dee

    Technically bobbler I won't be “happy” until we have the same number of moves as M-F.

    That said I am much happier then I was before the moves came out, and have heaped the resulting praise on the development team.

    The question would have to be asked however, if we hadn't been asking for new F-F positions would they have ever come to pass?


    The question would have to be asked however, if we hadn't been asking for new F-F positions would they have ever come to pass?

    I would think so…but maybe not as quickly.

    However, Totem should make the majority of their users happy first, don't you think, which is why there are more MF positions available than FF.  It should reflect real life, no?

    Janine Dee

    Ahhh but bobbler… I thought so as well, but if you look at the numbers between bisex and homo women there IS a significant number who can and do enjoy the F-F and F-F-F positions.

    I like to think this is the development team realizing that they may have been neglecting a larger then they realized part of their customer base, and seeking to remedy that.


    lesbian lover chat

    I have a few question on this matter…

    !. Why cannot we Lesbians have the Petting and cuddle poses that the hetros have got…We are not all raving sex maniacs,,,We also love a kiss and a cuddle.

    2. Most Lesbians don’t, like penetration. That’s a man think. Yuk… If u could sort out some poses for Lesbian lovers with out the Strap on..That be helpful.

    3. I and my girl friend never realized there was so many Bi-sexual women in the world. We think 60% Bi (read Twisted guys looking for thrill)


    Ummm I'm bi and I am all women, no 60% here.   But I do agree with your #1.  I would like to cuddle an kiss more with my lady love.  Our foreplay options are totally lacking.  Petting is a must and we have ask.  I have said before, we just need to keep on asking and hope they are reading.

    Thank you for #2, being bi I always assume everyone wants penetration from time to time.  Being Bi and Lesbian we do not always have the same idea when it comes to sex.  You just made me realize that, having a total DUH moment here.  Only been with a few and they were bi, so thanks again for opening my mind.  Yes more non penatration poses is a must also. 

    Janine Dee

    #1. I THINK that is THE most common request for lesbians and bisexual women here.

    #2. Then we should start elaborating for them sweetie. The development team is two guys and I can't blame them for thinking like guys. So I've been trying to give them ideas.

    -One was back when 69 was the only oral and i was hoping for a position where one could simply give or receive orally. They now have the lesbian riding the face… so there IS an example of how they do listen and can improve. Though I am also hoping for laying and sitting oral positions.

    -I'm also hoping they implement tribadism.

    -For FFF I want the Daisy Chain… but I think all threesome position requests have some sort of adding a third person to them.

    Of course for me I also want SM options, so I don't want to overload them with requests, but post some of your favorites, give them ideas. Ive been here not quite three months and I've seen five positions added… I can't find it in my heart to complain.

    #3. I actually like the Kinsey Scale which has more then the three entries. I've heard it goes one to seven and zero to seven, but the idea is that at one end is completely heterosexual and on the other is completely homosexual.

    Now in the environment of AChat ladies who may have been the say 1-2 range and only had fantasies use the safe environment to explore those fantasies… I know I've roomed with some.

    I've also roomed with women who genuinely seem to straddle that line that most think of when they think of “bi”. If I were to put them on the scale they would fall into the 3-4.

    Just like I just recently roomed with a woman who prefers women but occasionally is with men. I'd put her 5-6, because she herself would call herself primarily lesbian, BUT with only there categories she had to call bi more accurate.

    I then would be a 7. I'd actually like to strive for 8, but that's more a matter of striving to be my best. 

    So “bi” can have a fairly wide definition that could probably be broken up into sub-categories ranging from “bi curious” to “primarily lesbian”.


    My definition of bi(this is my idea of it and I have two) is just sexually you can enjoy both sexes, but you when it comes to love you lean more to men. 
    My second is that you are open to love and can be in a long term relationship with either sex.  Bi is nowhere near being Lesbian an I am not even going to pretend it is. 

    Now me I believe love comes in many forms, shapes an colors.  An I believe in leaving the door open to whatever beautiful soul should walk threw it.

    And Janine did I tell you that I love your brain,  it makes you even more sexier everytime I read your post.  And I will follow you as you lead the battle cry for more poses, cause their is sooo many things I want to try.    They have heard the FF cry before an I hope they will hear it again.


    When it comes to love I lean more towards women, and I'm not big on penetration, but I still think of myself as bi. After reading all of this perhaps a more correct term for me would be “primarily lesbian with an oral sex with men fetish”, but I don't think they're gonna make a checkbox for that in the profile 



    Janine Dee

    Actually Stella I have to wonder… with the many, many, many requests for FF foreplay actions I have to wonder if there IS some sort of bug in the implementation.

    I mean otherwise I have to think they would have done it just to shut us up. 

    Maybe it's something like boob play where it only works with the larger breasts size (maybe the fact  there is two sets?).

    Whatever the reason thinking it through a problem with implementation almost seems more realistic then they just don't want to.


    Carli you could satisfy your oral fetish with me if you like 


    Bobbler, you're such a gentleman that you offer yourself to me just to satisfy my fetish needs

    Janine Dee

    Careful sweetie, get that tongue waggling around and you'll just give him ideas.


    Lesbian Foreplay Poll

    OK, I’ve been reading this forum for a few days and I keep seeing the same thing: girls wanting hug and kiss foreplay like the m-f (A$30 in the shop)….while I agree, NO ONE has made a poll, something I noticed gets more attention.

    So, ladies, VOTE


    About time someone made a poll

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 377 total)
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