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More Lesbian Poses. FF and FFF.

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    Hear hear Pafe, ,  come on Achat Gods ..  I know you are busy  but please, please give the other orientations a break now …  I'm getting embarrassed by all our MF releases.  Please do it on a rotation basis .. It will give more reason to encourage new membership too of these orientations and hope for current members to continue to enjoy the game.  Their  choice of poses is so limited, take a look and remind yourself… Please…  Do something about it …  These members are getting despondent  and frustrated by your lack of response,  show them they are important too … Can't you, please?

    You can drink for free at the AB & G  for a week …  And maybe I can put a word in for you at the Icehouse ….  That's got to be a great incentive…  Come on Achat Gods …  Hear our prayers …..  And read the Poses topic about this very subject …  Ty

    Janine Dee

    The problem is that I don't see the pattern breaking. If we make enough noise we'll get SOME attention, but ultimately it will switch back to the Het Set getting flooded while everyone else gets ignored, and after seeing it so many times it's hard to even muster up the outrage. I voted with my pocket book before when I let my membership lapse for like 6 months. I see that vote becoming permanent this time.


    I definitely understand you Janine, I've been feeling the same for quite a while now.


    Janine though the reason is sad I'm happy to see you back again. Please stay (least here in forum) and let's go on working step by step. Look at this forum – it's growing and getting better. Remember when you and I (soon followed by Bear, Adera, Tight…) started to push it. We have been successfull in my opinion. Now we have to spend our energy and the power we have got to improve ACha for everyone.

    Adera, same to you – not just me, but AChat at all would loose very precious people – stay with us please.


    I'd like to join Lover in his request (or it's more like a prayer!?): stay both of you, Janine and Rukya, and help us! We all know this work is hard, long….but we can't give up so easily!

    Same thing for Adera of course (don't had read the last line before starting write, sorry!) and all the the other real shemale (let me say, from what i had read till now, they are all wonderfull and friendly girls): try to make an united front line for this “battle” and things can change! or, well, still hope it!


    Echoing the same sentiments … please dont leave …. together we can fight for a fairer playing field. Please stay.

    Achat Gods ,  please do something soon to show this matters ….   

    Janine Dee

    I don't have any plans to leave the Forum, I just don't see myself putting any more money into a game that I can't my monies worth out of.


    Glad to read you stay here Janine 🙂


    hmmm when the poll will be started ? Its one month soon that the list of wanted poses was posted , maybe its time to start the poll ?


    Updating the list of the poses who would be nice to be adapted to FF , but even for shemales (all ways) and for MM :

    – lets talk (nice one)
    – show me what you feel (no reasons that only MF have this pose)
    – 69 sideway (i’m sure they can adapt even for lesbians)
    – lick seat
    – licking from behind
    – bridge ( nice pose )
    – girl on top ( if its not the MF version of FF cowgirl , or the update if it is )
    – Foot fetish pose ( This pose have the very better hug from all achat )
    – Sitting doggy
    – Riding on the chair
    – chained

    Removed lift your leg from the list 😉


    I have recently asked Achat to create and release the below poses for FF.
    They are busy with a new big update for Achat but I am hopeful they will consider it seriously, especially if they wish to expand their customer base.

    82 FF Poses compared to 212 MF Poses shows the disparity. (Correct as of 19 Dec 21)

    Is it any wonder that the lesbian girls get bored after the initial thrill of becoming a member and frustrated at the MF pose additions.

    These are the poses I have asked for to help level the playing field.

    Foreplay – Show me what you Feel (down on one knee)
    Slow Dance – Naked
    Dance on Table
    Leg & Foot Massage
    Lets Talk – on the couch. Clothed Version & Naked Version

    Obviously, the more people who ask, the more Achat is likely to take notice, so please complete the form to “Support” – copy and paste this list, and send to Achat.
    If we all ask and ask and ask, hopefully they will listen and make these poses available to all.

    Here is where you contact Achat through “Support”

    Achats Support


    Vaughan; as you said before Achat has listened to us and converted last MF pose for FF and FS members,
    I hope they will do the same performance for other applicable poses. for example;

    Just dance – great and fun pose.
    Cuddle and kiss – we definitely need such romantic poses
    Napping together – it looks great and so romantic too.
    In Lap – This could be a great option.
    Couch massage – We only have one massage pose and MF or MS i think have 3 or more.
    Touch my pussy – as Finger my pussy could be a great option.

    Your help really deserves a lot of praise and respect Vaughan. Thanks again.


    More and More poses for MF etc and yet none for FF…..
    its getting to the point where is nit fun to play anymore


    Hi Lynn95,
    Welcome back to Forum.

    You are right but Achat do read here. FF currently have 86 poses.
    The last FF pose was:

    FF. Pose Review Request. 86. Finger My Pussy.
    Released Sun 19 Feb 2023.

    All FF pose topics can be found by using the FF Index. Please do a review when you have time and rate the pose in the topic.

    FF Pose Index.


    The more people do reviews, voice their opinions and request the poses they would like to see, the more Achat are likely to listen.
    People have campaigned for poses and have been successful in orchestrating their creations.

Viewing 15 posts - 361 through 375 (of 377 total)
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