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    If i cancel my subscription will the current stay ? I mean i have subscription now for month and if i cancel it now will it stay for to the end of the month ?


    It stays until the last day of your subscription, if you started on 15 it stays until 15 and so on


    Hey everyone.

    I wanted to make another account on here, no problem. I log into it on the Client, logs me in. Mind you I signed as a free user on my new account.

    I go to buy clothes the moment I get a chance, transaction keeps failing.

    So i decide to log out and log back in.

    Password randomly changed during me changing my clothes, and now I cannot get back into it.

    I decided to make another, yes another account.

    Same exact problem. But I can log into my main one fine.

    So now I have 2 wasted accounts, and I cant login to them even on the web page.

    Please help.


    Hi boobookat,

    Achat made some changes in regard to multiple accounts due to the many complaints concerning clones and alternative accounts used to attack, annoy and harass our members.

    As you have now found, you have been denied your extra accounts automatically.

    I also know, that a new account has to reach a level 10 before it can give likes and dislikes out, as again this facility was abused by members.

    I suspect also, this is why suddenly there is an influx of old accounts suddenly appearing in the game with 0 or low levels.

    If you wish to buy an extra account, I suggest you contact Support for advice.
    Let us know if you get an answer.


    I have contacted support, but they have not come back with a reply. Its been 3 days now.


    Three days equals 72 hours equals nothing.
    If you deal with support your medicine is patience. And you'll need a bucket full.


    How could one person create a second account with a separate identity and information? And does this second account come from the fees of membership already paid for the orginal account?


    Hey No i doesn't come from your main Subscription. you could however ask the administrator to change your name if that is what you want to do, for an X – amount of A$, not sure how much but last time i checked it was round abour 1500A$.


    Hi all, hoping someone may know the answer to my question.

    I'm getting married in Winter in just under four weeks, we've got quite a big list of guests, 35, plus us, so 37 currently, not including potential +1's for the guests. Does anyone know the maximum number of people that can be in Winter at one time without getting bumped into overflow?

    As we'll be arriving last, we obviously don't want the brides unable to get to their own wedding!!!

    Thanks in advance for any help offered,

    Sammy xx


      I think the maximum is Twenty.


    please somenone can explain how can i become a outfit designer to achat???


    Search jeppit spunkycandy angelocorbin Or me  gwen1977


    i ve to search u to became a outfit designer????


    Gwen kindly gave you the contacts of some designers that can explain you what you need to know to become one.

    If you want to give the first steps without searching anyone, try the following Forum thread by Jeppit:


    … and on your next post try to seem less rude and more thankful for who is offering you their help 


    Hi. Can someone explain to me what the number next to the nickname means when you go out into the city? And what actions affect it? Thank you.

Viewing 15 posts - 376 through 390 (of 394 total)
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