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    How can i change my nickname?
    If i can off course 🙂


    Hi  MrsPleasure9.

      Send Message to support.   

      But, changing it will cost you.   Last time I heard someone changed it, it cost them 1500 A$.

    Hi scavenger.

      I think the number is just your level.  As you buy poses, rooms and the items for the rooms it goes up.  I've noticed on mine it does anyway.

      It doesn't affect anything, I don't think.


    How do i go about deleting avatars/accounts from achat?


    Hi Aellyra
    Welcome to forum.

    There is no facility to delete your avatar from Achat game, however if you leave your account and do not log in, it will disappear from the game after about 40 days.
    If you have never paid to play, the account cannot be accessed again.
    If you have paid for your account, then if you wish you can log into your account and this will activate your account again and your avatar will reappear in the game to start playing once more.

Viewing 4 posts - 391 through 394 (of 394 total)
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