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    As you might note I have been appointed as Forum Moderator.

    I hope to do my best in this service. I am not rushing into quick decisions as to the level of implementation. So for the moment… I am taking stock of what I am overseeing.

    You may have noticed of late, I am currently trying to sort Pose Reviews into some semblance of order.
    Some reviews have been completed. Some need updating and some need doing from scratch.
    I am trying to open topics for each pose with a pose picture to help things along and have requested volunteers to have a go at doing a review.

    A pose index is also being completed for members so the Pose review, pose location and the number of poses available can be found easily and disparages seen.
    This would be useful if members feel a campaign should be arranged to encourage Achat or its designers to create certain poses if at all possible.

    There has been occasions over the last couple of days I have had to moderate members whose sole purpose appears to be disruption and to carry on some old Feud where members were bullied in the past. I will moderate when necessary so forum rules are adhered to.
    As far as I am concerned though, we have moved on from those times and just wish to get forum back to the friendly place it once was.

    At this point I am very open to listening to suggestions as to directions you might like to see here.
    So feel free to PM me with suggestions or post below
    Lets try to create a site that is fun, informative, creative and friendly.
    Thank you.


    I have been asked to “sticky” the last pose created for each genre so it can easily be seen who received poses last and when.
    This is a work in progress as I work my way through the poses, pose review requests topics and pose indexes.

    So far completed and last pose stickied (placed at the top of that forum section) are –

    MF in Woman with man in AChat.
    MM in Man with man in AChat.
    SM in Shemales and their lovers in AChat
    SS in Shemales and their lovers in AChat


    Table for group,in public place,sit with more ppl and talk.Free Action in night shift:solo seduction dance in the window.


    Hi ya Eelis, I have answered you in the other topic in regard to your suggestion. Hopefully Achat will take note of your suggestions.
    You never know, they may well take your ideas and use them to improve the game.

    This topic is more for improvements and ideas to improve Forum here for Members, which hopefully I will be able to do as Moderator.

    So far, as in keeping with the previous Moderators, I have completed new or updated Pose Review Requests for

    MF in Woman with man in AChat.
    MM in Man with man in AChat.
    SM in Shemales and their lovers in AChat
    SS in Shemales and their lovers in AChat
    FF in Woman with Women in Achat.

    Pose reviews are useful for members when deciding which poses they should buy first especially when budgeting their A$.

    They are also useful for letting Achat know what members like, what they don’t like and how to improve current and future actions and poses.
    An example of this is kisses. Early poses had no kisses and ejaculation could only occur in certain actions.
    Through Forum and members suggestions, kisses are now common in poses and ejaculation can now occur in most actions.
    Some poses such as Missionary were also updated with more or amended actions after requests & suggestions from members here.

    Members who have become pose creators themselves for the B-Shop can also use these reviews for research and inspiration when creating their own poses.

    In each of the pose review requests, I have included pose pics. As most forum members know its a pain in the ass to try and post pics at the moment. I have also included the cost and the Achat shopping Mall locations to assist members who kindly complete some of the reviews.
    Thank you in advance to members who bite the bullet and try to do some.
    If you need any help, drop me a PM, I’ll gladly help anyone willing to help our members.

    The last pose created for each of the above couple genres have now been stickied for easy reference.

    I have created Pose Indexes for each of the couple genres which have also been stickied so members can find and read about them should they wish.
    Most genre couples have been completed but MF will require updating as it links to old forum instead of this one. This is a work in progress.
    SF is also being worked on.

    The indexes can also assist any members who feel that Achat should be lobbied for more poses for their genre.
    The disparages between the genres and the poses can be identified and which ones members would like converted to their orientation.
    (Special Thanks to JessiCapri. She has completed useful spread sheets on this)

    I have merged duplicate pose topics to
    1 – Tidy up the sections &
    2 – For those interested – the pose history or pose age or our older members views on the poses can now be found all in one stop.

    I am currently in the process of completing the same in the SF section.
    Eventually all poses will be indexed and numbered for easy reference and comparisons, with links to the reviews or requests. New ones will be added when created.

    Any other ideas or wish list for Forum, (Not the game) please list here so I can address when I get the chance and time. Thank you.


    It’s a question that’s been on my mind for a long time…for years, in fact.

    Why the Hell does a forum that most of the time comprises two people posting to each other need a Moderator when there are arguments and shenanegans breaking out several times daily in the game itself?
    Makes no sense.

    If Achat are going to have Volunteer busybodies then surely they should put them where they’re actually needed, rather than to leave them to wander the dusty and cobwebbed halls of the forum posting total irrelavencies…or maybe that was the intent?
    I dunno.

    Just seems pointless to have a Mod constantly reminding his dwindling audience of the fact he’s a Mod when he’d be better used where needed.

    It’s my opinion only…I expect dissent, but I believe I’m still allowed to use my voice here…at least for the time being.
    Though I’ve a feeling that won’t be the case for too long…

    See ya later…forum taters


    Thanks for your opinion.
    I suppose its because of the drama people cause in the game and then try to bring to forum and Achat have, no doubt, better things to do… like upgrading the game.

    Also, maybe not you, most appreciate help from those more experienced in the game play than themselves and are trying to figure things out. Lots read here, even if they don’t post.

    Once, even you came to me for help, once you and your friends were glad they had someone to ask for help and advice in getting their requests for new poses noticed by Achat.

    Of course, all that is forgotten now as you and your friends are determined to undermine and throw your negativity and insults around forum or the game to just prove a point.

    and that point is … I don’t like Vaughan, I don’t like anything he does, I will never see him in a positive light and I’ll be damned if I try to work with him to improve Forum.

    Why? Because I did not agree how you and your friends rounded on some members to be nasty little bullies.
    Well as far as I am concerned, stamp your feet if you want. Either get on board to help or go carry on your fights elsewhere.

    I’m still after ideas to improve this place, not on opinions whether Achat should have a Moderator in Forum. That decision was decided when people ganged up on other members and got nasty here.

    Back to topic..

    Any ideas or wish list for Forum, (Not the game) please list here so I can address when I get the chance and time. Thank you.



    Just a few short years ago the forum had FOUR (4) mods and no one was aware of any mods in the game. When those mods quit the amount of nasty increased to the point members just left it. When Vaughan returned, bringing me with him, we enjoyed the interactions we had with the few that remained. Then you returned and for some mysterious reason you became resentful of the fact that we were having a good time here. We paid no nevermind and still continuted to start contests in an attempt to bring people back to the forum. We have done nothing to you directly but even your opinion posted here is resentful and bitter. That keeps people from helping us to dust the cobwebs away and you know it. Yet we still continue to enjoy our time here.

    A few short weeks ago you brought a problem you were having in the game to Vaughan, the FORUM mod, not a GAME mod. Even after all of your attacks on him, even though you provided him no proof of your claims, and even though it was outside of his scope of responsibility, Vaughan took the time and went to the person you had an issue with and had a CIVIL conversation with him on your behalf. Don’t take my word for it, go talk to that person and find out yourself.

    The appointing of Vaughan as FORUM mod took place AFTER the FORUM update that you were insisting on for months. You yourself tried to recruit members for the position so also saw a need for a mod here. Now AChat is in process of implementing a GAME update. It is my hope that once that is complete they will focus on in GAME mods. Should this happen I am beyond sure that the person/people they pick to be in GAME mods will not be people who cause the drama.

    I remain hopeful that the forum will return to it’s former glory now that the same rules are being enforced as were then. If it doesn’t that is okay too as I am still enjoying my time here and will continue to do so.

    Just my opinion.

    Back to topic….I would really like to be able to delete my own posts.


    @ JessiCapri. Thank you.

    I have asked Achat to extend to members the facilities and time to edit posts, quote posts and for the forum tools to be returned to insert images; colour texts ; change fonts and post more than 1 link or pic.
    When I get a reply I will of course let everyone know.
    There is a chance due to their lack of communication with the game updates coming, I will not be notified and suddenly you will get the facilities. If this happens, would you kindly post too to inform me and others. Thanks.


    Jessi…just a quick FYI….I also spoke to the person you refer to, in fact before vaughan did, and all was amenable and smoothed out. It was only blown out of proportion when other people chose to involve themselves.

    Vaughan, I, and many others, have been recipients of your help on quite a few occasions, I’ll be the first to hold my hand up and admit that.
    My point, which you and jessi seem insistent on missing completely, is that in spite of my having mentioned incidents to you that concern me (a recent one being told by some guy I don’t know “Get to Winter now. Meet me there”. My reply, “Why would I meet you there”?. The response, “Cos I’m gonna gift you to people as a slave”.
    This isn’t the first occasion. It never happens in the forum, only in the game. Where there is nomoderation.
    Am I wrong to find such comments offensive and demeaning? Or should I just let rip and vent my spleen so that if they come to the forum whining that I had a go at them you can accuse me of bullying again?

    I have previously mentioned this. You gloss over it and seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable…even though you have the opinion that that a gentle taking the piss constitutes bullying yet that doesn’t.


    Do I think treatment like that is acceptable? Not at all. But I think we have all met up with those that assume because this is a sex site they can say anything they wish. We have dealt with same disrespect. We do not “gloss” over it but are unsure of what you expect US to do about it. There is not a day that goes by that I dont log into game and get a “Hey baby wanna fuck?” message. I find it offensive and without answering them I just ignore them. When friends of yours follow us around farting and calling us names do we go running to you expecting you to do something about it? On one hand you call us ‘busybodies” on another hand you are expecting us to intervene?

    NO ONE should be disrespected on any level. In game or in forum. The ignore button is your friend. Use it.


    Forum is not a place to name and shame.
    If you want to talk of the incident with no names to start a discussion feel free.
    If you want to post your chat log omitting the names, feel free.
    Such topics can be informative, interesting and people can learn from such experiences and how best to handle them.

    My objections are you name and shame to mock and humiliate. When you do that and laugh at someone and not WITH them, it is bullying.
    When you start do that in many topics (one is bad enough) it is not nice, it is harassment and encouraging others to join in.

    Nearly every time, it is the same people doing the mocking, humiliating and bullying, and that includes passive aggressive and aggressive posts.

    You bring the drama to Forum from the game. This is not the place for you to get redress. Achats Support is

    If you feel slighted in anyway, take screen shots, and include with your written complaint to Achats Support.
    Put the offending people on ignore. Enjoy your game.

    I am a Forum Moderator not a Game Moderator. On occasions, if I know the people involved and am asked, I have acted as a peacemaker and asked both parties to resolve their issues and mostly it works. But I must stress, it is not my responsibility to police the game, nor do I wish too. As far as I am concerned use Achat support and the ignore facility. We are all adults in this game or should be!

    I want forum to build up and get a reputation for being friendly, fair, informative, a place for fun, games, contests and where people can discuss game issues, ideas and help each other.

    Get on board and help, stop being an aggressor here…. Help by being part of the solution.
    If you feel you cant, then leave us who do, to get on with it…. please.

    Back to topic. Please post any ideas to improve forum here.


    Hey 🙂

    Just wanted to say whats on my mind.

    I had the idea of a Public Glory Hole in the Game.
    Would be awesome.


    Hey LittleLea18 and welcome to the forum!

    Great idea since glory holes are actually meant to be public!

    Any idea’s for improving the Forum? So many come to read and never post. We’d love to hear from everyone!!

    Thanks for your feedback Lea. Hope to see you in game!



    Hi LittleLea18,
    Welcome to forum. Its a great idea. I do believe if you have the pose in your collection, you can use the Glory Hole in the public rooms.

    Lea and everyone, Please let us know if you have any ideas to improve forum. Thanks


    sticking my hand up for all to see to plead your assistance…if you’d be so kind….

    I’m attempting to PM you…Jessi too…but it’s frustrating me.
    I’ve clicked both your profiles but there’s no option to send you a message.
    How can I message you?
    I know I argued long and hard for a forum change…but I never argued for this.
    If you can help I’d really appreciate your assistance.


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