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    Helloooooooooooo  everyone.  I'm going to tell you a story.  Hehehehe.

    Way back in May 2014 a game was released from Ubisoft called Watch Dogs.  It is a third person perspective, action adventure game set in a fictional Chicago. 
    It sold around 10 million copies over all consoles and P.C.  The reviews at the time were quite good.

    What the reviews didn't tell you, was that it had the most difficult mini-game in the whole wide world, if you believe the posts a lot of people wrote in forums, there was also a lot of complaining and whining about it.  This mini-game was the drinking game.  Very difficult, massively frustrating. 

    I'm not going into details about what it entailed, just writing about it makes me go Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, hehehe. 

    There was an achievement (Xbox) for it.  But, you had to beat Three different people to get it.
    Ten rounds each, getting harder every level.  You couldn't do them all in one go either, you had to go and do something else and then go back.  Double Grrrrrrrrrr.   *Giggles*

    The hardest was a total Bastard. (Putting it lightly).  People have wrote that they had to bring in another person to help them.  Both sticks of the gamepad had to be used in some instances,  so one stick each.  I'm getting to the point in a mo. 

    I played this game back in 2014 and got absolutely no-where in this mini-game.   I've been playing it again.


    This, to me is like………….. well I'm writing about it here so, you know………….. A lot of people bought this game for Xbox and only 0.39 % have achieved it.  Me being one.  Just now. hehehe. 
    I Finally done it. Whoo Hoooo.

    I'm going to be adding more stuff in the future, not all about achievements. This'll probably be the only post in this thread about one, but you never know. 


    *Sounding all excited*

    I've Just bought a MAN !!!
    He's strong, rugged and best of all, goes were I want him too.

    Hmmmm, you think that's petrol.  Nooooo.  *Whispers”  Vodka.  Hehehehe.
    That's why I like him soooooooooooooo much. 🙂


    Hmmm  I Think I like Purple  Hehehe.


    Been having a go at Hellblade – Senua's Sacrifice recently.

    If you haven’t played it. I totally recommend it. It’s a bit hard, well I think so anyway and a bit gruesome as well.


    OOOO   Creepy.

    Also,  A complete and total BARSTARD !!!


    If you're going to save the Galaxy.

    Might as well do it looking Fabulous.  


    Movie night in the Tempest.

    This Achievement has been a real pain in the Bum.  hehehe

    Thousand tonnes of cargo in 7 consecutive days.  Tricky and a few late nights.
    This is on World of Trucks website. You have to Sync American Truck Simulator and / or  Euro Truck Simulator 2 to your World of Trucks account and then you get more contracts.

    Keeps me out of trouble.   



      This a capture from Sinking City.  A bit spooky and bloody hard.  You play a detective that is going insane, and investigating why people are having hallucinations. 

      It's a bit klunky sometimes but doesn't stop you from playing it.


    This is a shot from Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. You get to visit Auctions, Barns, Junkyards and a showroom too.

    I found this beauty in a Barn. (A but rusty and needed a bit of TLC) It’s called a Salem 1500 XL (The XL has a V8 engine) because of copyright. What it is, is a 1956 Ford F100. I didn’t do a Before shot, sorry.


    Way back in 2004 a certain game was released. It received 39 Game of the Year Awards and scored 96 / 100 on Metacritic.

    To some, including myself, one of the best games ever made. It was released on the very first Xbox as well. In 2007 it was released again but called the Orange Box. Episode One and Two were included, Not to mention Portal and the online game of Team Fortress Two. (Quite a Bargain).

    Half Life Two

    This particular part of the game, is where you find the Singing Vortigaunt. (Voiced by the Actor Louis Gossett, Jr). It’s also a quite rare achievement, only 7.8% of Xbox users have unlocked it. There are rarer ones.

    When you approach him he’s whistling but, after a while he stops and starts to cough. Which is quite funny.


    I have been playing Half Life Two for quite sometime, I’ve played it at least 5 – 6 times. And there has been one achievement that has been really killing me.

    There is a part in this game called Ravenholm. It’s a place you escape through because the bloody bad guys find out where you are and it is the only place to go.

    Now, before the attack happens Alex (Nice Girl and a BIG part of the whole game) gives you something called a Gravity Gun. This can knock items (Like Cars, furniture, Wood Saws, exploding barrels, etc) out of the way, or you can get them to come towards you and then you can fire them at great speed towards an enemy.

    Ok, this is were the achievement comes in. The Achievement states Play through Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun. No other Guns are allowed, not even the crow bar.

    Tricky. Very Bloody Tricky!!. Hehehe. Anyway I did it. Christmas Day. Whooo Hooo. Hehehe. You want proof do you ? Crikey, Oh ok then.

    See the percentage ? 5.70 %. Only 5.7 % of people that bought this game has done it. Quite rare.


    Been playing Fallout 4 and finally got a decent shot of my character.

    Took me a while to get her to look like this. *Says quietly hour and half*. Hehehe.

    Gorgeous isn’t she. And looking quite concerned. Anyway, everything turned out ok in the end and everyone walked away.


    All Bobbleheads found in Fallout 4. Whoo hooo. Hehehe.


    Another shot of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

    This time a before shot. This was found in a Junkyard (surprise, surprise hehehe) had no engine either, had to build one from scratch.

    Anyway, it’s a 1971 Camaro, but in game it’s called a Bolt Rollet because of licensing.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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