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The Worst Pick Up lines EVER

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    Oh Oh Oh….sorry I wouldn't flood, but I have a question and this seems to be the right place… “Worst pick up lines ever”….if not feel free to move it, replace it or whatever you think it's correct 

    So, the last night I was available in chat and like always i got many Hi's, how are you, nice outfit…. : Then I told to a friend who wanted to go off when I came, I say not a thing hun, go smoking your cigar I'll wait for you ….so I was on chat and logically got more Hi's, sexy girl, etc.

    But then…… 😮 😮 😮 😮 , a guy asked me if I would like to have some incest RP, I was so shocked that I didn't reply anything… this standard on Achat or am I only a “lucky” one to get a proposition like this? What should I have done? Ignore like I did? Reply “listen asshole….” and explain him my point of view? Report it? What YOU would have done?

    Yea I'm not as naive as it could seem, I know right that ALL kind of people come to an virtual sex site and I let them all have their personal trip, but there are limits  :'(

    I even don't remember the nick of this person, so it's too late to do anything, but I would like to read your meanings of this issue, for the next time that would probably come!


    You will get many such requests about incest, ageplay, extreme kinks & sick play like rapes and violence.

    Ignore, admonish and report. Whatever you are feeling at the time. 

    I get annoyed when guys presume my sexual likes on first contact & have wiped the floor with them followed by pinning their little pencil dicks to the floor with my high heels.

    Welcome to Achat.  The Bright side is still the best


    Hi All

    Had a funny exchange think about this conversation.

    Other: word out is your pussy needs to be owned.
    Other: is it true
    Me: lol
    Other: Im not laughing.
    Me: I am that was a very lame line.
    Other: Was it?
    Me: Yep
    Other: Well what do you have to say about it
    Me: I already said it. It is a very lame line. It also doesn't make sense. Word out from where? The assumption involved in assuming my pussy needs owning or would be allowed to be owned. Then asking if its true when you put it (meaning the original comment) in definite language suggesting you don't know.
    Other: Talk Talk Talk. (very dismissive no?)
    Me: Ask a question get an answer.
    Other: I just ask a simple question.
    Me: You asked what do I have to say about it. That means a description or a critique :p
    Other: You haven't denied anything though.
    Me: No need due to the method of it being dismissed like I did.
    Other: Have a goodnight day or whatever
    Me: Bye bye.

    Seriously if you are going to open with a line like that you are deserving of laughter over an interaction.


    We won't make a better world, but maybe some well-behaved guys , lol  :

    Since I wrote “Good manners are NOT an option” on my profile it's going better, seems that some guys really read

    Whatever, I got a “Fuck!” followed by a “You look so hot!” earlier………..well ummmmm…..some do still NOT read 

    Please guys, tell me something I don't even know! 


    You know Anni since I'm on this game 80% of guys says: “Hey bitch want to fuck ?” 
    So you choose it's a standard sentence lol

    If good manners are an option, many don't suscribe to this option 
    Not a real problem for me, I prefer a bad guy who fuck well than a gentleman who fuck bad !!! sometimes a gentleman fuck very good and it's a fiesta 

    That I like on AChat all day I take pleasure and laugh a lot so it's the most important 


    Haha, le “hey bitch want to fuck”, je l'ai pas encore eu mdrrr, mais bon….pas loin :p

    Après j'ai écris que les bonnes manières ne sont PAS une option, perso je pense que le mot PAS surtout en majuscules est ignoré exprès ^^

    J'ai rien contre les bads boys non plus, au contraire, maissss un minimum d'éducation quoi!

    Les rires je les confirme, j'en ai avec un gars qui va me tuer un jour lol, il est trop délire ET éduqué  + intelligent, le rêve quoi;)

    * Haha, the “hey bitch want to fuck” I didn't had yet, but hey…not so far from this :p

    After all I wrote that good manners are NOT an option, personally I think that the word NOT, especially when written in uppercase letters is intentionally ignored ^^
    I really don't mind “badboys”, buuuut I like a minimum of education!
    I can only confirm the laughters, i have some hilarious ones with a guy who will kill me one day lol, very civilized AND smart, a real dream *


    Maybe they think, you don't want good manners


    Not only girls have to read stupid comments…

    HER: Hi dude, you look nice. Wanna show me your house?.
    ME: no, sorry, i am not in mode and i dont room with people i dont know.

    HER: oh… come on, lets have fun. i want you to fuck my ass.
    ME: No, sorry, i am busy.

    HER: are you gay?
    ME: no, i just dont want you.

    HER: yure a gay and a fool, no one says not to fuck me.
    ME: always a first time for all. BYE.

    (direct to ignore list… so no more talk).


    This has been on my mind some time now 

    and all we think about the guys  with the lines  and wanted to hear  some  from the  guys I am
    so  sure they have  some lines they get to from the women

    maybe  thats  because the forum men are gentlemen and have nothing to say  about this 


    This has been on my mind some time now 

    and all we think about the guys  with the lines   and wanted to hear  some  from the  guys I am
    so  sure they have  some lines they get to from the women

    maybe  thats  because the forum men are gentlemen and have nothing to say   about this   

    I just think people in forum, girls and males, are interesting in meet persons and have nice time, talking, dancing or playing lottery, F1 or Football, and not only in sex, sex and sex.

    I guess thats the diference between forum, and game… people from forum want more than just a game… because people from forum, dont look for “play” and want more than this. Its just my opinion.



    We won't make a better world, but maybe some well-behaved guys , lol  :

    Probably no. I doubt it will make any difference, because only a few wants normal civilized behavior. I played Achat since 2011, and I saw it becoming only worse in terms of its audience. With each year more and more penis picts on avatars, more skype demands, and less chats. It seems that only people from the forum can chat, and these people are like US marines: they are few, they are proud, and they aren't here in the game. You shall understand, the game's nature attracts the worst the society has to offer: chauvinists, lowlife and other scum like that. For any more or less normal person you can meet here, you will meet few dozens of those.


    Oh, I know right Nexe and I don't have any illusions, only hopes ^^

    Zoerink, I litterally LOVE your example, it shows how a lot of people are dealing with rejections, I had my part too this afternoon ^^

    BUT…..and there is always a “but”, I met some guys really polit, charming and smart, with good or funny replys……possible that they only talk so at the beginning of a conversation, but this is what I want too, so i'ts ok, I see that they are able to…….

    I don't doubt that the guys get their stupid and boring comments too sometimes

    I do not complain, it's really amusing after all, I only have to learn to be more repudiative 


    It is not unreasonable to expect people to interact with a degree of courteousy even in this format.
    They are expected to outside of it in other encounters.
    Strictly speaking my view when it comes to rude people is they are best ignored or laughed at.


    Agree kitten. Just because this is online AND a sexgame, it doesn't mean there aren't any rules of acting nice and being respectful. Everybody has to learn his lesson and some need to be ignored.


    There is hope guys!

    Some days ago I chatted with a guy in a very polit and respectful way, then we roomed together to take a glass of wine or whatever is in their glasses 
    We talked for more than 2 hours about….anything, mostly dogs    Then he said “You picture that we talked all this time without talking about any sex?”
    Well that's what followed  :, but we were really fine to only talk too ^^

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