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The Worst Pick Up lines EVER

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      Just had this happen to me   


    him : yees
    him : hmmm
    him : I wanna guuuck youu!
    him : sllut

    not even time to express my surprise, he was busy already… And I'm not even in pink today!!!    eeer lol


    I've pointed this out and pointed this out. Mentioning my age and how great it is that I'm mature and that you like mature is NOT winning me over.
    My reply is going  to start being “Wow, you really are wet behind the ears. I'm really attracted to inexperienced goofs. It's good that you're a goof.”

    Maybe it will help… who knows  (shakes head in frustration)


    I have come acrossed two real gems, One from A male, “Hey slut, You want to suck thid Cock?”
    And from a female, “Get on your knees and bow to me BITCH!”
    both of which I replied, “NOT EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS!”


    XXXXXXX:OMG  girl youv got a great pair of leges an awsome ass mmmmmm id love to meet you
        :oWOW what a line ROFL dont all avi just look alike ?

    xxxxxxxxxxx: hi,are you looking for a prey? well-hung toyboy here…
        ::)SURE SURE got a prove??  LOL

    I know it isnt easy to start—-but sometimes you just can shake the head and it wont get you to jump up and say WOW that line is it I need to talk with that one


    Hello miss, I have locked myself out of my home and can not get back in, let me in so I can use your phone!

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    Today I got this line 

    come on guy you really are sick   go jerk off

    I dont want to hear your dum ass lines….

    XXXX: i need a blowjob from my sister

    your Rp pick up lines  suck!

    Edit : name removed to prevent embarassment. BB


    She: Hi i'm new here
    Me: Hey Welcome to Achat
    She: Can you please show me how the Poses work?
    Me: Just go and click on them when you try them out with Robot Guy….

    Bammmmmmm: DISLIKE


    Happy new year to all!!!



    Wow last post 31st December 2017.

    Well I’ve just had an amusing message sent to me.

    Him: how much for some fun baby

    Me: oh you want to pay ?? does it make you feel dirty

    LOL Total silence after that, don’t know why. He did ask how much.

  • Viewing 10 posts - 1,066 through 1,075 (of 1,075 total)
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