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[VOTE] For your Favorite MF Pose

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    What new MF Pose would you like to see created by the AChat Team? Post them here and in a couple weeks they will be compiled into a Poll for which you can vote for your favorite. At the end of the month there will be a WINNER! The winning pose will be sent to the AChat Team for development!

    Here is what we need:

    • A short name for the suggested pose.
    • include a short (5-10 lines) description of the base pose, and the actions.
    • Limit 3 suggestions max per member.
    • Post a photo (Optional)
    • [/list]

      **IMPORTANT** If your suggestion does not include these requirements, it cannot be added to the Poll for voting.

        The winning MF Pose Idea for March was Brandybee's Bedtime!


    Blindfold Bliss.

    F   lying face up on the bed naked wearing a blindfold and wrist restraints attached to the top corner posts. Ankles also restrained to bottom corner posts but looser and longer to allow legs to raise up exposing buttocks. Knees bent and flopped open, feet near to ass so pussy and anus easily accessible ( Ladys , you know the smear position lol ). Pillow under ass to elevate those special places .

    M standing by with feather and spanking paddle.

    Male actions                                                                                                     Female actions             
    1)   Run feather around face and neck                                                                1)  Writhe and enjoy
    2)   Run feather around abdomen and ribs                                                           2)  Lift breasts
    3)   Run feather around breasts and nipples                                                         3)  Buck hips
    4)   Run feather around pussy and ass                                                                4)  Bring knees to chest
    5)   Rub finger around  her mouth and finger fuck mouth                                        5)  Legs straight in air
    6)   Massage  both breasts with his hands                                                            6)  Kiss
    7)   Stroke and finger pussy                                                                          7)  Strain wrist restraints 
       Kiss                                                                                                               Hip circle
    9)   Lick and tongue fuck pussy                                                                           9)  Suck cock
    10) Rim and tongue fuck anus                                                                             10)  Lick cock
    11) Stroke and finger anus                                                                                  11)  Lick cock head
    12) Erotic spank of buttocks with hand ( F's legs in air )                             12)  Kiss and lick spanking paddle
    13) Erotic spank of buttocks with paddle ( F's legs in air )                                     13)  Suck and lick Ms fingers
    14) Fuck vagina                                                                                                 14)  Fuck anus

    MMMMM  Naughty, erotic and very very nice.  HEHEHE   


    mmh, Brandy you have a skilled mind for this…….well done!


    Thank you Hentai, I was inspired by Blue, Bear and co in a previous post – Bound poses… hehe.  Thought a tied to the bed type pose would be great to have
    Thank you guys for the inspiration.


    and it will be perfect in the interrogation room! eh eh! the handcuff are ready to be used!  :


    If this goes to the vote  it will get mine and if it comes up for sale, I'll be buying

    In all 3 sexes!


    Well, hello all Peoples of the DreamWorld's Forum

    I found that pose Idea wonderfull. I wish too it could be adapted for Shemale .
    But If I may give my opinion, I rate it : *****

    Great idea! Please accept my best humbly regards.


    Here is my idea for a MF pose:

    “On the Table”

    Imagine, your lover has just cooked you a wonderful meal. The scene is set, candles lit everywhere, music playing in the background, 2 perfect courses were served and eaten, now it is time for dessert. She disappears into the kitchen, 'preparing dessert”. But before she returns, she calls from the kitchen to close your eyes. You hear the soft rustle of a body moving by and as she tells you to open your eyes, she climbed up on the table, layinig on her back, her buttocks on the edge of the table, her legs spread slighty, offering herself as dessert.

    The man would be able to do:

    – caress/ fondle her legs (starting at her calves, up to her thighs)
    – kiss/lick inner thighs (rolling tongue through groin and over thighs, not touching pussy)
    – lick pussy (fluttering over lips
    – lick pussy (probing and prodding pussy)
    – lick and suck clit
    – caressing belly
    – caressing breasts
    – pinching nipples
    – push knees back to chest for deep tongue action and/or anal action
    – Stand up, lean in and kiss her
    – Stand up and fuck her on the table

    The girl would be able to:
    – Touch herself and offer him a taste
    – Fingers caressing his hair
    – Hold his head strongly against her pussy
    – writh and circle hips against his face
    – Lean up and watch
    – play with clit
    – lean back and wriggle
    – Spread her legs wide (alternatively, she could close them and raise, taking the pose of a candle)
    – Play with her breasts
    – Grab the table's edges

    Presented as an MF pose, but should be easily adapted to FF and SF, with using other poses (sitting bj), the pose could also be adapted to MM, SM/MS and FS. What is not available in the room, is a table high enough to perform the pose as I have in mind. A dinner table and chair would be needed. Or anything else that has an elevation high enough.


    Sometimes us guys like to take our turn being tied up too.  Would a reverse pose be possible?

    I really like the Table top pose.  Combined with an Office Room, it would make a great “Interoffice” rp.

    Both ideas would get my vote!


    Sometimes us guys like to take our turn being tied up too.  Would a reverse pose be possible?

    I really like the Table top pose.  Combined with an Office Room, it would make a great “Interoffice” rp.

    Both ideas would get my vote!

    You can make a suggestion of your of geared the way you'd like it.


    The Man Chair

    Now that the Pose suggestions thread is open… I humbly submit my suggestion for the “Man Chair”…


    Base Pose:
    Male sitting on the edge of the comphy couch (or Bed), with both feet firmly on the floor. Female sitting on Male’s lap facing away, Toes barely touching the floor with knees outside male’s. Male has his hands on the underside of her thighs to support her.

    The Male has leverage to thrust against the female, giving G-spot stimulation and her hands free to allow stimulation of the scrotum, base of the penis, and Perineum, making it perfect for her to be in the driver’s seat.

    Female Actions

    1. Enjoy – head resting back against male’s shoulder beside his ear to whisper sweet nothings.
    2. Incline – Female bending forward slightly with hands on male’s knees.
    3. More – Female pushing with her toes so that her hips push into male’s torso.
    4. Cuddles – At rest, male with arms around female’s torso.
    5. Jump – Female raises feet, bending knees slightly, feet planted against forward edge. Pushes herself upwards, allowing more movement of penis against vaginal walls. Male holds forward part of Female’s waist, (so she doesn’t launch herself into next week). Her hands on his knees.
    6. Kiss – Base pose with female slightly turned to kiss male affectionately
    7. Fondle Berries – Female reaches between her own legs to find his testicles.
    8. Hold Hands – The Lover’s holding hands with interlocked fingers.
    9. Crossed – The male holding his arms around female’s lower torso.
    10. Victory – Female lifts legs forward with legs straight into an open V, toes pointed upwards with her hands on her calves. Male embraces her fully against his chest with hands under her arms on front part of shoulders (clavicle).
    11.Pecker checker – Female holds base of penis firmly, so she doesn’t fully impale herself. (Great for the cumshot and/or orgasm)
    12. Rub Clit – Female licks her finger tips before gently stimulating herself.
    13. Pleasure Face 1
    14. Pleasure Face 2

    Male Actions

    1. Enjoy – Male reclines away from Female, letting her drive.
    2. Massage breast(s) – one or both hands massaging her breasts (in conjunction with action 3)
    3. Tease – Male rubs clit with one hand.
    4. Effect – Male kisses the nape of the female’s neck.
    5. Push – Male lifts his hips upwards and forwards allowing female’s back to push against his chest. Female’s feet are fully off the floor, with legs extended. One arm holding himself off the couch (or bed) and the other arm around her waist.
    6. X Factor – Male crosses his arms across female’s chest to cup opposite breasts.
    7. Amadeus – Male rocks backwards and forwards quickly to stimulate the female’s G-Spot. Male’s hands are palms down on comphy couch (or Bed) behind his buttocks. Female grabs male’s forearms.
    8. Splash – Female holds male’s hand against her Vulva, (Great for the orgasm and or cumshot), then lets him taste it.
    9. Whack – Male withdraws penis and hold’s female’s wrist as she jerks him off. (Also great for a cumshot)
    10. Bolt – Male places both hands on the insides of female’s thigh’s as he stands upright. Female holds on for dear life to his forearms.
    11. Spin – Male pushes female fully forward onto his thighs to stimulate her anus. Female grabs male’s ankles, with her knees bent and feet against front of couch (or bed).
    12. Launch – Male holds female’s ankles as she launches herself upwards and slightly backwards against his chest. One arm of female wrapped seductively behind Male’s head .
    13. Pleasure Face 1
    14. Pleasure Face 2

    Okies… this is my suggestion… quiries, concerns, bouquests and blunders, please add your comments.



    Glad you posted this one Azrielle. I do like this pose. Lots of possibilities in rp


    Hello all kind people of the Forum .

    I may Agree a lot that's the proposition of Azrielle is very nice!!! and very kinky!!!!
    I rate it *****
    It is, in my mind an mid way pose ( between social-teasing and harder poses ) that may, as, I agree Brandybee,
    fuel a lot role-play possibilities … fuel so that a snatch may ignite us hi hi hi 

    I don't know how you have such pleasant imagination and skills for findings all those wonderful
    propositions about poses … I tryed to … but I have not that shill of yours.

    Please accept my best humbly regards


    I'm going to try it out with bf fiance and see how it works.. let you know my thoughts next week 


    The Splits: (Come on we are all young and flexible avatars here…)

    Everyone knows my fondness for intense dominating action… or maybe not… :


    Woman on bed edge faced away, doing the splits., her arms bracing her upright; partner is standing (crouching) at beds edge behind her. Above image show the prone position. However she should be able to press and lift herself more upright. (just couldn't find that image.)

    pose could be done on bed…. table (desk in the office?)… or on the couch…

    Possible actions:
    Breast Play  left or right while other hand supports self
    Nipple tweak
    Reach back and finger her anus
    Lay flat
    Fuck back (rock) hands on bed for support
    reach under massage clit
    Reach back and  pull him close
    reach back and pull him forward for a kiss
    grab his elbows and arch back to rock on him
    (additional suggestions?)

    Lick pussy
    Lick anus
    Kiss bottom
    Finger anus
    Finger pussy
    Dp finger action… thumb in anus , fingers in her pussy
    Fuck pussy
    Fuck anus
    Drive deep and grind
    Lean forward kiss shoulder
    Reach forward and Choke
    Reach out and push her to mattress… pinning her down
    Grab hips and rock her on penis
    Massage tit
    Spank bottom
    Roll hips

    Ideally want some independent actions for each partner… without overriding the possible action of the other. She should be able to breast play during most of the partners actions….
    the forced prone position is a lock…receiver should not be able to override… (make it realistic)

    edited to add raised elbow image… still not quite what I had in mind…

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