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[VOTE] For your Favorite MF Pose

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    The Splits: (Come on we are all young and flexible avatars here…)

    Everyone knows my fondness for intense dominating action… or maybe not… :


    Woman on bed edge faced away, doing the splits., her arms bracing her upright; partner is standing (crouching) at beds edge behind her. Above image show the prone position. However she should be able to press and lift herself more upright. (just couldn't find that image.)

    pose could be done on bed…. table (desk in the office?)… or on the couch…

    Possible actions:
    Breast Play  left or right while other hand supports self
    Nipple tweak
    Reach back and finger her anus
    Lay flat
    Fuck back (rock) hands on bed for support
    reach under massage clit
    Reach back and  pull him close
    reach back and pull him forward for a kiss
    grab his elbows and arch back to rock on him
    (additional suggestions?)

    Lick pussy
    Lick anus
    Kiss bottom
    Finger anus
    Finger pussy
    Dp finger action… thumb in anus , fingers in her pussy
    Fuck pussy
    Fuck anus
    Drive deep and grind
    Lean forward kiss shoulder
    Reach forward and Choke
    Reach out and push her to mattress… pinning her down
    Grab hips and rock her on penis
    Massage tit
    Spank bottom
    Roll hips

    Ideally want some independent actions for each partner… without overriding the possible action of the other. She should be able to breast play during most of the partners actions….
    the forced prone position is a lock…receiver should not be able to override… (make it realistic)


    edited to add raised elbow image… still not quite what I had in mind…

    Bear, some of us are aware of your proclivities (I had to look that up!) Friday is here soon and as a young flexible girl, I'm up for trying that out!

    Additional actions:

    For him:

    Grab hair & pull girl's head back (oh yes we do like that!)
    Roll nipples between finger & thumb

    For her:

    Lift hips to allow deeper penetration…. (slap those balls on my wet pussy!)
    reach behiond and play with his balls

    I like the top picture best, I'm not sure how long I could hold the pose on the bottom one!


    lol.. I had to look that one up originally read that as pro-clit-ities…

    definitely pro clit…mmm you may be right… a few details need to be hammered out here.

    and ty for the hair pulling reminder… knew I was leaving something out…


    The “splits” position definitely needs to be “hammered out”  ~ I'd be happy to test this one out also.. I'm in!! 


    Though I post my idea here it's possible for all genders:

    Analog to “erotic spanking” the  partner can lie on your knees but front side up.

    – Fondle face
    – Hold head
    – Kissing
    – Fondling belly
    – Fondling tits
    – Masssage tits
    – Rub nipple
    – Fondle pussy
    – Finger pussy
    – Fondle inner thighs


    like that idea… are you thinking as an add to the esisting 69 or a new pose?



    Its summer time and I, for one, would luv to play under a water fall

    The pose my be for any couple. Possible Actions can be:
    – Kissing
    – Neck licks / Earlobe sucks
    – Breasts/Chest fondling
    – Pussy cupping and rubbing with water effect
    – Man on knees, Female thigh on shoulder for some tongue action; slit licking, clit sucking/flicking, anal tonguing
    – Same with fingering
    – On the wall actions


    jondas, it will be great if you can add a starting description (two line) of the pose and more detail about the action of the two partner.

    oh, crap, i forget…wellcome!


    It  seems I'm still a newbie, thanks for the welcome anyway

    The scene I suggest is basically having the two partners standing and facing each other under a shower. A shower fixture might be added to any of the rooms.


    – Kissing: well … kissing!
    – Neck licks / Earlobe sucks: enhanced with flowing water
    – Breasts/Chest fondling: boob massage, chest caresses
    – Pussy cupping and rubbing with water effect: enhanced with water flow, soft slapping with water squeezed in between
    – Man on knees, Female thigh on shoulder for some tongue action; slit licking, clit sucking/flicking, anal tonguing: I think this is detailed already
    – Same with fingering: ditto!
    – On the wall actions: holding back, front/back penetration, neck holding, stretching legs (for Female) ..etc


    Jondas, Welcome to the madhouse … love the shower idea you have proposed … mmm … certainly provokes some very erotic thoughts …

    Hope to read more of your ideas and views .. off to get wet …. see ya laters …


    jondas, your suggestion look good but i have the impression is more a “collage” of different position…..

    i explain better: if you look at the poses we have, it's hard to see one where the body of the two partners have a massive modify of the posture in the varius action (maybe just in one!). there are some, but basically, if the bodies lay on the bed, you never seen one getting on knee or stand up. yours idea need lot of interlude to move fromm facing each others to kneeling down and moving on the wall.
    This can be done, of course, but it's a titanic work of programming, so i think it will be really hard to have so soon.

    My opinion, of course!


    hmmm the legs on shoulders action could become an at the wall action . the girl ( in the case of MF or SF pose ) can pull her back to the wall and then put her legs on the shoulders letting the man standing without the risk of a dangerous falling 


    mmm an idea worth working on… maybe an idea worth probing a bit more in expansion… pondering this… as I echo my thoughts  in agreement with Ruyka…perhaps a modified wall version… her leaning against the wall with one leg over his shoulder…. definite add for the orientations… will edit to add in a bit as I think this out.

    Well stumbled on this wet eye candy for a visual aide… the “drive thru” position:


    mmm actions…thinking… thinking
    Receiver leaning agaisnt the wall with one leg positioned on partners shoulder
    He kneeling on the floor facing her

    Giver (thinking multi orietation):

    Kiss belly
    Kiss thighs… (variate inside or outside)
    kiss the core….
    rub her bottom
    lick lightly…
    lick wildly
    lick ass
    spank the pussy
    ok make it interesting and wild… Janine made a point on a different thread,,, the fingers are seldom still… so to give a WOW factor… provide some independent actions which can be mixed and matched
    *** finger ass
    ***thumb  the pussy
    ***other hand spreads the vulva and  pulls the hood back
    ***clit action
    (note: this provides some variance… the digits mentioned to provide for comaptibility of the options… givers head postioned a tongeus length away… too bad we don't have sound or I'd add a wet whistle… ieL kiss the clit and moisten it… then blow on ti…while whistling…
    *mindlessly humming  ” whisltes while you work….*
    No faces needed other than the heavenly state I'd be in

    Her actions:
    breast play
    suck her fingers
    nipple play
    grip partners hair…
    ride the face (comaptible with the hair grab)
    hard rider… gyrate against giver (again comaptible with the hair grab)
    rotate hips…
    Kiss… hmmm… think it needs an additional spicer version
    Hard kiss… (her hand in givers hair pulling head back)
    (Ladies what am I missing?)

    distracted when I found this variation of the butler position:

    The Butler position….
    We have a table… so lets give another option to it
    Receiver is standing as pic above depicts.. legs parted slightly hunched forward with her hands behind her bracing against the table
    Giver is seated under and betwwen her legs facing in the same direction

    lick pussy…
    rim job
    knead her bottom
    tongue fuck
    finger pussy…
    finger ass
    dp finger action
    spank bottom…
    yank cock…

    Breast play
    pinch nipples
    clit play
    squat lower and ride the face..
    lean forward and gyrate against  the face.
    lean forward and play with partners genitals
    rock on face
    on male shemale partners… lean over and suck cock

    VARIANT:  make it interesting… put a crop in the recievers right hand… give her some actions of authority…including
    use on partners genitals
    use on partners  chest
    use on self…. between the legs or mild use of self
    nipple tease on giver…


    mmmm I like that idea, a man kneeling down servicing a woman is sadly lacking … mmm  … now I need a cold shower  …  lol


    mmmm I like that idea, a man kneeling down servicing a woman is sadly lacking … mmm  … now I need a cold shower  …  lol

    I Would volunteer, to be of any service to you Bee


    Just a few thoughts on the shower scene.

    Have it as an option to press against the glass of the shower. (where options can switch to similar against the wall with a few changes)
    Or be on/over the Hobble of the Shower with the door open (its the little up moving of tiles etc that you step over to get in)
    Water tease.. Animation involves getting the shower head (which obviously can move around) spraying the partner with the avatar smiling and winking. (not a sexual one more of a prank funny one)
    Water Cooldown… Where both avatars rinse themselves down using the water.
    Of course anal again… (you know I love the option everwhere) … have the animation where pressed against the glass or against the wall of the shower and again using shower gel pour over the asshole and then move in… again another opportunity to use the suds for speed option.
    Also titfuck in the shower is an option. Have the animation if you like start with the woman pouring shower gel either on the partners cock or her breasts across the top of them then the cock moves between and you can have suds effect with the speed increasing.
    Blowjob with water cascading down … guy moves around under the water and girl/shemale sucks on him as the water goes down.

    You can tell I have given alot of thought there :p

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