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[VOTE] For your Favorite MF Pose

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    i thought about stopping for some time as i mentioned in another post… but as nobody agreed we go on here collecting ideas for MF poses.


    What new MF Pose would you like to see created by the AChat Team? Post them here and in a couple weeks they will be compiled into a Poll for which you can vote for your favorite. At the end of the month there will be a WINNER! The winning pose will be sent to the AChat Team for development!

    Here is what we need:

        A short name for the suggested pose.
        include a short (5-10 lines) description of the base pose, and the actions.
        Limit 3 suggestions max per member.
        Post a photo (Optional)

    **IMPORTANT** If your suggestion does not include these requirements, it cannot be added to the Poll for voting.


    hehehe… I re-submit my idea for The Man Chair (from page 1)… thx.


    The collecting of ideas will be finished at the end of this week – then we start the poll. If you still have any ideas for MF poses please tell us.


    I've noted the designers came up with  couple of new MF good poses, still I'd like to resubmit the reverse 69 (man on top) suggestion


    Not really a new pose, but a suggestion for an existing pose.  I would like to see the current “Lets Talk” pose be modified for clothing optional.  I know this is supposed to be a sex site and the goal of the “game” is to room and screw, but there are times when I like to just chat.  That part is okay for me, but my (you ladies know) female partner will be getting bombarded with chat requests so we pop into a room to continue the chat in private.

    Right now there are only a few “social” poses where we remain dressed, everyone knows what they are.  It would be nice to be able to look like we're having a seat instead of dancing or standing and remain clothed, without having to change our “sex clothing” attire.

    Keep all the actions in case we do want to “make out”, but allow me and her or whoever to remain clothed.  Maybe an option button to determine which clothing to be worn… Street or sex.


    Covems, i'm with you…….why the “Let's talk” pose must be in sex clothes!? a mistery!

    Point two: there are some orientation who don't have it after all this time….hope dev-team gonna releas it soon!


    Totally agree with HB. This pose should be easy made for everyone. About the clothes, sometimes I also would like to wear street clothes but it's not the most important thing to improve. The poses are linked with the clothes. It would be easy to change but then it's for everyone and always.


    I like Covems idea of a choice. Is it possible to have the extra button on this pose to choose street or sex clothing?  I also like to dance and chat with friends .. and sitting there with your boobs out with a guy you consider a friend is …. so not English  lmao  😮  :


    I don't complain if you show me your boobs and I think nobody will

    We need twice the same pose then – one with street clothes, one with sex clothes as each pose belongs to special clothes. I also like the idea but I doubt they will do it.  And as I mentioned, in my opinion there are more important things to do. LGBT poses for example…


    You are right lover ,  we can wait till the LGBT poses catch up.  It is a good idea though for all orientations.

    Winking… a boob man huh??    Noted and stored lol


    What a great site this is.

    My favourite is the man chair -and a woman suggested it -well done AZ

    Happy to be your consultant on that one!!



    The poll is locked now and the results will be send to Susy. A new poll will be starting soon.

Viewing 13 posts - 61 through 73 (of 73 total)
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