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Books, Books, and More Books

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    You knew it was coming.  You had the music, the movies, next is the books(an maybe fav vacations spots will be next,lol). 

    Well this is for those of you who read more than just mags.

    My favorite authors are
    Charlaine Harris- Stookie Stackhouse novels(aka TrueBlood series)
    Jim Butcher- The Dresden Files(had its own tv series, sucked)
    Simon R. Green
    Laurel K. Hamilton- Meredith Grey novels and Anita Blake novels(before it got all orgy)
    Lilith Saintcrow-Dante Valentine novels
    Rob Thruman
    Marc Del Franco
    Karen Marie Moning- fae fever novels
    Michelle Sagara
    and last but not least-
    Kim Harrison-The Rachel Morgan series

    What can I say, I'm also a book whore.  Cute geek heere. :-*


    Bram Stoker's Dracula is my all time favorite book as posted in the movies thread.
    Stephen King,
    Robert Jordan,
    Ursala K. Le Guin,
    Anne MacCaffrey,
    Edgar Allan Poe,
    Jean M Auel,
    I like Classical Literature, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, I am not big on the drivel that many call romance novels, though I will read Johanna Lindsay's books from time to time

    Janine Dee

    I was waiting till the music, movie, and tv threads started loosing steam.

    I love Kim Harrison, and am starting to hate Rachel Morgan. I ADORE the sexual tension between her and Ivy, but now seven books in and Rachel's still denying she is gay for Ivy!

    I personally an even gayer for Ivy and want her to bite me.

    That said I love the series and it's the only set that I collect in hard cover.

    I read Date's Inferno four times to get a feel for his poetic form and have a huge copy of all three part of the Comedy in my library.

    I also like the more philosophical classics like The Prince by Machiavelli and the Art of War by Sun Tzu… I consider both timeless and still applicable today. (With exceptions made for not being able to route your enemies with fire and similar.  )

    My reading of the Punisher comic also got me into his inspiration The Executioner, a man with similar objectives, but a much cooler, much more reasoned mind, and that dominates the vast majority of my pleasure reading as it started in 1968 and is still putting out books, and still keeping up a high level of quality.


    many favs listed here, enjoy the classics myself,…authors who I have followed through the years:

    Jennifer Roberson's Shapeshifter series and Sworddancer series reign righn up there;
    Frank Herbert's Dune series
    anything by Piers Anthony (his Xanth series kept me up many a long winter night)

    and would be remise if I didn't add Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers series


    Love the Dune novels byt Frank himself, not the ones done by his son.  Have the movie an TV movies.


    Edgar Allan Poe
    Agatha Chrisite in my younger years
    Stephen King of course and I love “The Long Walk”, which he published as Richard Bachmann


    Stephen King.  Have you read his novel The Dragon's Eye, best fantasy book I have ever read.  His Running Man was also great.  I hated that they made a movie out of it. Once you read the story it made the movie look like shit.  It would make a really good movie if they keep to the story and the ending might have to be changed because of 911. Love King, The Stand, TommyKnockers, Cujo, and IT.  Because of IT I hate clowns, I really, really hate clowns.


    Stephen King:
    Carry, Shining!!!, Misery, Insomnia, Cujo, TommyKnockers!!!, Pet Sematary and my all time fav: It

    I agree to sinnnn. Most of the movies are big shit if you read the books. I waited for “It” and though the movie is a good movie, I was disappointed as my expectations have been soooo high.


    One of my all time favourites would be Neil Gaiman. Books like American Gods and his colaboration with Terry Pratchett in Small Gods are some of the most entertaining things I've read to date.
    I'm generally into a lot of fantasy with other authors like Steven Erikson and Jonathan Stroud filling my bookshelf.


    Oh Stephen, How many ways do we love thee. My absolute favorite is The Stand, I liked the ending of the book so much more than the movie. The Shining, Carrie, Christine, Dreamcatcher, Insomnia, Misery, Delores Claiborne, and so many more. I watch IT, every year around Halloween, just for a good creepy scare. Like you sinnnn, this one makes me hate Clowns, not that I had much love for them before having seen or read it.

    Janine Dee

    Okay, BIG shame on me for forgetting kinky classics…

    Jacqueline Carey-I've read the first three Kushiel's Dart, Avatar, and Chosen, and the heroine is Phaedra, a courtesan and a Anguisette. An Anguisette is someone marked by the god Kushiel with a scarlet mote in their eye, and they feel pain and pleasure as one and the same.

    Yes folks, this medieval/fantasy novel has a sexual submissive as it's star.

    I don't want to give away too much, but without ever lifting a sword Phaedra changes the course of nations, which leads to one of the most memorable quotes. “That which yields is not always weak.”

    The A.N. Rolequare (aka Anne Rice) wrote the Sleeping Beauty trilogy where it took more then a kiss to waken Beauty, and when they rode off to the caste the fun really began as she was trained as a sexual submissive.


    Janine I'm close to Achat purposal.  I was addicted to that Kushial series that I almost got that Rose tat on my back.  I stopped reading it when the story turned to the young boy she adopted, I just wanted her story.

    Must not forget Anne Rice, ever read her Sleepin Beauty series?  

    Janine Dee

    Of course, it had been recommended to me by a pony girl I was close to.

    The friend who got me into Kushiel has said the next books are good, but I too ended at Phaedra's three.

    How nummy was the tension between her and Milisande? Yeah she may love the blade boy, but there is a part of her he just can't touch… the part Milisande made use her safe word. 


    John Grisham – also the movies are exciting and worth seeing


    That babe gave me shivers.  When they found out that she was into pain had me floored.  Oh an her first time, WOW.  Remember the skinning part, damn I can go on and on about the books.    I never wanted her story to end. :'(

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 110 total)
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