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    “The Story of O”  by Pauline Reage

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    The Room Where It Happened ~~  By John Bolton Trump's former National Security Advisor

    Vaughan and I are both reading this and we both feel the same way. 

    This man should have hired a ghost writer because he is a terrible author.  I did expect him to be a bit arrogant but he surpasses all expectations.

    V may finish the book as he has more patience than I do….but I have closed the book and truly believe that I will have to be extremely bored with zero reading options before I open it again.


    I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fan. All the disc world novels and I even read the stuff he wrote for young adults.
    My favorite is the trilogy about Tiffany Aching, about a young witch in the making. He is funny, clever and gives you characters you really adore. and don't even get me started on the Nac Mac Feegle.

    Terry makes fun and light of fantasy like Douglas Adams did with Sci fi.

    p.s. I haven't read '50 shades'. I know many people who have with mixed reviews. So its on the list but not high

    As a fellow Pratchett fan…favourites have to be the witches followed very closely by the Watch, could I suggest another English author you may enjoy Andrea?
    Robert Rankin.  Similar to Pratchett but perhaps with a more steampunk/Victorian flavour.
    The first book of his I discovered, I picked up on a train from Exeter to Manchester, it had been abandoned on a seat, and I loved it.
    It was “Raiders Of The Lost Car Park”. It's the second in the Cornelius Murphy trilogy, so I jumped in at the wrong place, but still enjoyed it.
    Rankin has written many books, some in series, some stand alone. I haven't read everything, maybe 15 so far, but I've enjoyed each one.
    Give him a try.



    Talk about wrong part, my first Pratchett book was “Eric”
    Which is like 9th down the list. But it proves that each story can stand alone.


    If you like Audio books, these two are good. The Firm (Made into a film starring Tom Cruise) and the sequel, 15 years later.

    The Firm by John Grisham. Full Audio Book.

    Level 6 - The Firm

    The Exchange by John Grisham. Full Audio Book.

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)
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