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    Anything John Grisham(my favorite to date is The Brethern, one of the few NOT made into a movie).

    I only read 2 by King (Tommyknockers and Bag of Bones).

    I have read several books by Tami Hoag (Night Sins and the sequel Guilty as Sin) as well as other works by her. Most of her characters are either cops, DAs or ex cops (the Dark Horse).

    I have also read Space by James A Mitchner, a book I highly recommend.

    I must add a book to this list because it holds a special place in my heart. In middle school, we did a Holocaust unit that was a major cross-over among classes (English, reading, history, etc). For reading and English, we read a book by a survivor, Alicia Appleman-Jurman. She wrote a book about what the Nazis and WWII did to her called Alicia: My Story. At the end of the unit, we were able to bring her to my school for her to do a “lecture” and she was a sweet old lady, and I was lucky to meet her, and I had her sign a copy of her book (I bought it) and I read it every year.

    And my ALL time favorite author (and it pains me NO ONE mentioned him): Michael Chrichton (Disclosure, Jurassic Park, Airframe [my FAV], The Great Train Robbery, Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, State of Fear [really good thriller revolving around global warming])


    @ apollo: I'm sure some of us have been thinking about Crichton, but you should be the one to list him, as he is your all time favourite

    Dan Brown is also missing. “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons” are two must-have books. Even “Digital Fortress” ist wort to read it.

    Janine Dee

    Sinnnn sweetie, I don't like to think about the skinning. I like to think about her BFF and her skillful knots.  :-*


    Its not the skinning I meant to focus on.  Its the fact she had balls to deal with the crazy shit that happen all the way up to that point.  When that happen she became the ralling point for her ppl.  She became a HERO.  Thats when she truly became my Hero.  She didn't have super powers,  what she had was human strenght and a strong ass will.

    Janine Dee

    That's a very good point. I also love her mind… I mean she was weaving her way through politics, intrigue, and even the Will of God at the end.


    I will say this, I LOVE the Harry Potter books and I LOVE the Twilight books.  The movies(twilight) is not as good as the books.  I was not impress with the first movie, the acting was so so.  But I'll still go see it anyway.  Just like The Avatar-The Last Air Bender,  I'm really disappointed in some of the actors he chose to play certain characters.(but when you watch a series for a long time you end up with a certain picture of how the characters are suppose to be).  I'm still going to see it because just maybe his spin on it will make the movie come alive for me. 


    “The Juror” written by George D. Green. I started to read this book 3 or 4-times, always stopped after some pages. Then, one day, I read some pages more – and suddenly I coul not stop reading.
    They also made a movie (1996) with Demi Moore, Anne Heche and Alec Baldwin. I never saw this one, so I can't say if it's a good one.

    Again the hint, if you read the plot, don't look at the last passages.


    My all time fav book an I will read this almost every month.

    The Mirror of Her Dreams and the sequel, A Man Rides Through  by: Stephen R. Donaldson
    another of my fav is  Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1) by: Patricia Briggs
    Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress Series #1) by: Jeaniene Frost
    Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer Series #1) by:Karen Chance

    Undead and Unwed (Betsy Taylor Series #1) by:  MaryJanice Davidson(just plain funny)


    I only read the first Covenant triology by Stephen Donaldsson.  That was some heavy reading as I was only aged 15 or so at the time.


    Rob Thurman's new book- Chimera (loved it)  All his books make me think of Supernatural.  Its brothers going out for one another.  They take Family is Everything to a whole new level.  Love it.


    Jean M. Auel's Earth's children Series: The Clan OF The Cave Bear, The Valley Of Horses


    Ellen Hopkins books. I've read Impulse (about 3 teenagers who attempted suicide and are staying in the same mental hospital), Crank/Glass (Fallout is coming in the fall, this series is amazing), and I'm currently reading Burned, which is about a Mormon girl who gets sent to live with her aunt, because she was dealing with alcohol and boys at school which is against her religion.


    Illiad, Odissey (Homer)
    Gargantua, Pantagruel (Rabelais)
    Ballades des Pendus (Francois Villon's poems)
    Ravage, La Nuit des Temps (Renee Barjavel)
    Musashi cycle (Eiji Yoshikawa)
    Cyrano de Berjerac

    SF/Heroic Fantasy

    The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillon (JRR Tolkien)
    Elric Saga (Michael Moocock)
    The Majipoor Chronicles (Robert Silverberg)
    Brave new world (Aldous Huxley)
    The Forever War (Joe Haldeman)
    Genesis (Ayerdhal)
    The Solar Sailors, The Overlords of War (Gerard Klein)

    A lot of cyberpunk books !

    Mona Lisa Overdrive, Johny Mnemonic, Neuromancer, Count Zero and Virtual Light (William Gibson)
    Mozar in Mirroshades (Bruce Sterlling)
    Synners, Fools (Pat Cadigan)
    Stand on Zanzibar, The Shockwave Ridders (John Brunner)
    Hardwired (Walter Jon Williams)
    Inner City (Jean Marc Ligny)


    Judge Dredd
    The Adventures of Alix
    Légendes des Contrées Oubliées (Legends of Forgotens Lands)

    and a lot ……


    My fav as a kid was Green Eggs and ham.  Where the Wild Things Are and I Don't Care.  Yes I picked childrens books.


    As I kid, I hope so sinnnn…

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 110 total)
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