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    Holy Bible



    The Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, is a series of 13 books written by bestselling author Charlaine Harris.

    1 Dead Until Dark
    2 Living Dead in Dallas
    3 Club Dead
    4 Dead to the World
    5 Dead as a Doornail
    6 Definitely Dead
    7 All Together Dead
    8 From Dead to Worse
    9 Dead and Gone
    10 Dead in the Family
    11 Dead Reckoning
    12 Deadlocked
    13 Dead Ever After


    I am halfway through “Wicked”
    Which the broadway musical is loosely based on. THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE, not really.

    So, if you are a fan of the musical thinking “WOW, the book should be AWESOME.”  No.


    Ok you have all seen the TV series  now read the  books

    Game of thrones, its a great read though long  seven novels of 800 + pages, it tells a more complete story than the  TV series  ands is difficult to put down.  If you like medieval dramas  with some sex violence and magic thrown in  check them out. There is the usual  knights, goodies  baddies  and a whole gamut of characters all well developed  and fleshed out.

    Seriously if you liked the TV series  you LOVE the books


    Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad
    by William Craig

    Stalingrad, the bloodiest battle in the history of warfare, cost the lives of nearly two million men and women. It signaled the beginning of the end for the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler; it foretold the Russian juggernaut that would destroy Berlin and make the Soviet Union a superpower. As Winston Churchill characterized the result of the conflict at Stalingrad: ” the hinge of fate had turned.”

    William Craig, author and historian, has painstakingly recreated the details of this great battle: from the hot summer of August 1942, when the German armies smashed their way across southern Russia toward the Volga River, through the struggle for Stalingrad-a city Hitler had never meant to capture and Stalin never meant to defend-on to the destruction of the supposedly invincible German Sixth Army and the terror of the Russian prison camps in frozen Siberia. Craig has interviewed hundreds of survivors of the battle-both Russian and German soldiers and civilians-and has woven their incredible experiences into the fabric of hitherto unknown documents. The resulting mosaic is epic in scope, and the human tragedy that unfolds is awesome.

    This is a great read, told from both German and Russian Eye witness accounts. the book reads more like a novel than a history book and even people who don't like war stories will find this hard to put down.


    werewolf story guy you might want to check out the wolfs hour…I thought it was pretty good.

    others I liked

    Katherine kerr deverry series excellent
    amber series by zelzany
    hunger games was ok but super depressing..imo
    electric church was excellent
    myth series by robert asprin hilarious and disc world fans will probably like it
    prey series by john sandford

    claiming of beauty series by anne rice

    bachman books by stephen king
    I have read a lot of the books mentioned too…reading is pretty awesome!

    so what about starting a thread where you give a one post review of a book you have read?  anyone interested?  we could comment after

    I thought Id use this thread instead of a new one



    yes reading is special, and reviews  are nice.

    you could do a review of the current erotic stories ?


    SO I found this years ago and it might be worth a look.

    its project Gutenberg…many of the classics are here in digital format completely free!

    happy reading..



    I just read the first Chapter of SUNSTONE A graphic novel about modern love with a BDSM back ground. So far so good. Great artwork, and the characters are interesting, honestly they are near reflections of people I know, hmm….
    I suggest at least a quick peek if just for the imagery.


    You came sooo late, Momma……I posted about Sunstone so far away!

    After this, I agree, the story and the characters are amazing and the one on DA is just a preliminar form of the comic! infact, it's published as book and if I remember well, the 4th is on the way or already released!


    Just to have a fast reminder and some other example of the author art….,2508.0.html


    I thought of buying it, HB. But if I do I think I want an actual book, not electronic. Something I can go lie down with and read. Amazon has them used. 


    well, you can buy them on Amazon, infact….it's an interessing read Andrea, something I'm following onDA since the first strip



    knowledge is always inspirational 


    So Sunstone volume 2 showed up today on my doorstep.  I got some reading lined up.  Yayyyy

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 110 total)
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