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Poses revamp and upgrade

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    Hi everyone, I'm starting this thread with the intention of collecting ideas and view on how the actual poses need to be changed or upgraded, I will update the original post every time somene adds something new so in the end we will have a good picture of what changes we would like in existing poses.

    I'm gonna start with some general issues like

    ANAL ACTION: it would be great if anal action could continue without resetting every time we use onother move, having it like a toggled action would make anal better and possible in every pose and dev team wouldn't have to create new positions for anal only.

    COMBO MOVES: in every pose there are moves that could be used in combo so with everyone's help I would like to have a list of what pose, what orinetation is for and what action you would like to use in combo.

    and last but not least what has been asked for a long time now

    ORGASM: I think everyone agrees that we would like the pose to NOT reset every time we have an orgasm, would be wonderfull to cum in every pose just the way we want to without having to click back to the options we were before reaching climax, the mood wouldn't be ruined and the experience much MUCH better.

    In the next days I'm gonna start listing MF poses and what moves I would like to see used in combo but I can only speak for the male part and my self so for the female part and all the other orientation FF, MM, SS, SM, SF, I'm gonna need your help 

    The list and every update will be added to this post, every time I add something I'll leae a message so everyone can go back and see the list growing, hoping it'll grow with your help, bye everyone for now 

    GENERAL FEATURES: – anal action toggled so it won't reset at every option
                                 – been able to orgasm in every pose and option without having the avi reset to default
                                 – more kisses 
                                 – would be great if we can have more firm spanking, in most of the poses they look too gentle, maybe you could give us hard spanking too? 
                                 – would improove a lot the game if all poses would start in a static pose or a pose that would give a more realistic approach to the action instead of starting with immidiate penetration


    SLOW DANCE: – kiss and rub pussy combo
                        – one of the girls turns her back while the other one hugs her and they keep dancing
    POLE DANCE: – anination should not reset every time

    FOREPLAY: some cuddling would be nice in this pose to improve the foreplay experience
                   – suck finger combined with stroke face or pinch nipple or fondle breast
                   – girl 1 holding girl 2 on her chest or tummy stroking his hair
                   – girl 1 holding girl 2 on her chest stroking hair and back
                   – girl1 kissing girl 2 lightly and viceversa
                   – girl 1 deep kissing girl 2 and viceversa
                   – fondling pussy for both
                   – hugs: they move closer to each other hugging

    LAP DANCE: – option to switch sofa to the old chair ( could be a new option for those who prefer the chair )
                     – move the sitted girl closer so breasts can be kissed/licked

    GENTLE FOREPLAY: – fondle belly combined with massage tits

    LICK FROM BEHIND: – remove the nice fart option, is a mood killer

    MISSIONARY: – girl on top receive a kiss, lick nipples
                       – girl on top finger her self
                       – massage girl on bottom's breasts
                       – finger girl on bottom's mouth 

    COW GIRL: – girl on top anal action
                   – bite finger in pleasure
                   – hips circle or side to side

    FLEXY GIRL: – all the MF options                         

    ANAL DOGGY: – begin the pose static or either licking or slow insertion, it starts too harsh, should be more gentle like in rl


    POLE DANCE: – remove the erection

    AGAINST THE WLL: – shemale be able to receive

    ON THE WALL: – shemale be able to receive


    LAP DANCE: – option to switch sofa to the old chair ( could be a new option for those who prefer the chair )
                     – move the sitted girl closer so breasts can be kissed/licked
                     – wank cock
                     – quick wank
                     – fondle cock head
                     – fondle balls

    POLE DANCE: – wank cock
                       – quick wank
                       – fondle cock head
                       – fondle balls

    FOREPLAY: some cuddling would be nice in this pose to improve the foreplay experience
                   – Female holding Male on her chest or tummy stroking his hair
                   – Male holding Female on his chest stroking hair and back
                   – Female kissing Male lightly and viceversa
                   – Female deep kissing Male and viceversa
                   – fondling pussy and cock

    LICK FROM BEHIND: – remove the nice fart option, is a mood killer
                               – finger pussy and finger ass separated
                               – rub clit
                               – flick clit with tongue
                               – tongue fucking pussy and ass

    BLOWJOB: – rub anus
                   – finger anus

    PAMPERED WOMAN – kiss/lick nipple/hug all combined with massage breasts, slow fondle, fondle belly, rub pussy

    LICK ME QUICKLY – finger pussy option, better if there are 2 choices, either while licking or fingers only
                            – please remove the dildo from the default pose, make it visible only when it's used

    FROM BEHIND – movements are too static needs more dinamycs
                       – would be nice to have the option finger in ass either with cock out and while fucking

    SPOONS: – would be nice to be able to use anal action, massage breast, fondle, fondle naval,  while kissing

    SURPRISE FROM BEHIND – some nipple play would be great: pinching, pulling, tweaking
                                     – to make the pose a little more intense grabbing her neck
                                     – fondle breast and nipple play combo with rub clit
    DOMINATED FROM BEHIND – would be nice to be able to grab her by the hairs
                                        – hold her down by the back of her neck would also give a more dominant streak to the pose

    AGAINST THE WALL – rub clit in combo with grab nekc, lick back, grab head, suck finger

    ANAL DOGGY: – begin the pose static or either licking or slow insertion, it starts too harsh, should be more gentle like in rl

    WOMAN ON TOP: – would be great to let the Male stay inside the FEMALE while kissing

    KNEELING BOY: – rub clit
                         – nipple playing such as pinch/role/tweak nipples would be great
                         – anal action with human bra, bend over, grab hands, slap tits, suck it

    EROTIC SPANKING: would be great to have all the missing poses from the FF oerientation
                              – lick back
                              – scrape back
                              – quick fingers
                              – fondle tigh
                              – pinch nipple
                              – would also be great to be able to finger ass with more fingers, having the option to use 2 and 3 even 4 hehe
                              – just one stroke slap
                              – rake nail, kiss, lick area that has been spanked
                              – receiver spreads legs allowing vaginial fingering
                              – DP fingering


    Lets Improve some poses!

    i decided we need a place where we can dish on some poses or suggest “little” changes, or suggest a pose you really want to see here.

    doggy style and behind standing– it would be nice if the guy/girl can lift the leg
    nipple play for both sexes in different positions– most of the time i’m playing with my own boobs or no touching the guys chest at all.
    kneeling boy- his shoulders look lonely, lets throw our legs up there, or he can hold both our legs 😮
    double penatration– can be good for mmf, mff, fff
    more 3way positions– especially for mff, fff, mmf, mmm
    oh and the ultimate fun– SHOWER SEX- i’m not a computer geek so i don’t know what it takes to create that but its nice to suggest anyway
    missionary- knees to the head, legs wrap round hi/hers hips, feet digging in that cute ass

    Janine Dee

    Doggy Style/From Behind-The one behind can reach up to play with the breasts/rub the clit.

    For those positions, and all really… kissing/caressing the non-sexual parts of the body (like neck and shoulders in that position) would also be a nice upgrade.


    well someone heard my cry. leggs on the shoulders, YEAAAA 😉
    Thanks ATEAM


    Yes more hand, tongue action when having sex (or not) or spanking, fingering, licking, caress/stroke, pinch, tickle


    I would like to be able to lick or suck the guys nipples, so far I only see pinch nipples in the cowgirl position.

    Also how about having sex against the wall, either with the receivers back against it with the legs around the partner's waist or like a standing doggy style with the receivers hands/lower arms pressed to the wall. 

    Lastly I would like to see the suck finger option changed so I can suck my partners finger instead of mine.


    I would like to give a massage, standing after her or better she on her belly and I sit on her back. With dim light or candlelight.
    She is sitting/lying and I´m between her kneews to suck her.
    Sucking/Licking/Kissing pussy and ass, using “toys” like dildos, finger, bananas


    what they need is to upgrade the foreplay poses, cause thats not foreplay.  I thought foreplay was nipple play for both parties, kissing anywhere, fondling in all the right places, you know things that get you wet/hard, maybe tinkling, and women should have the kissing suggestion too.  Love all those Lover(booty massage is a must) and Charista your idea sooo has my vote. One question Lover–how you going to use the bananas, fruit salad, or is it peeled(just asking for scientific research)?


    fruit salad after having fun together 😉
    The bananas and also strawberries, cherries… can be used unpeeled and unsquirted (at the beginning :D)
    And what do you think about whipped cream? Only for scientific research of course.


    Oh I’m a chocolate/whip cream lover. Let the chocolate melt in my favorite place and top it off with wonderful topppings then whipcream with a cherry on top(have to add extra cream for the cherry to stay on) and you have yourself a feast. Thats what I have learned in my research, andI have tried other toppings like- peanut butter/jelly, ice cream(poor test subject), carame(sticky)l

    ;D, and I have even tried the ice method with very good results. You can’t call yourself a scientist if your not willing to experiment and get dirty.

    Thanks for the info, I’m not a banana lover(sad but true) so I was curious. hehe
    Have you tried the flavored ice pop method?


    I bet you like cucumbers 


    …chocolate syrup, whip cream…partial to strawberries myself…deliciously wicked…messy and hopefully a great lead in to a follow up in the shower….


    Bobby you have such a dirty mind, good guess tho, 😮 strawberries are sweet, but blueberries and rasberries you really have to such for those. : 🙂 😛


    Need something blue and another yellow and you stop when the both are green : 🙂


    Just to add to my previous suggestions, I would like to see more ass grabbing in all the possible positions like the standing/kneeling bj.
    And in all the doggy style positions I would like to have my partner grab both my breasts, and I want to see more licking/biting/sucking of the breasts both female and male during sex whenever possible.

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