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Poses revamp and upgrade

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    Hey Janine, you know, if you need a helpful friend you can always count on me

    I think to improve or to complement existing poses can be very helful, too. And as we're asking for new ones, it's a good idea to be asexactly as possible. So we get what we really want

    Helpful Lover


    Improvements in the various positions

    We have several posts about improvements; I also talked with my lover this morning about AChat and our wishes. We always ask for more ff, 3some, clothes… This thread is about unique suggestions in the existing positions. Which action is missing in which position?


    To give an example, I take a quote cakegirl made in the poll about the position “under the cock” (I hope it's ok); this is what I also want, but she wrote it first:

    I wish that the female was facing the other way, so that the option to maybe do some teasing with the cock head with my tongue would be nice and I would like some more physical contact between the M&F and to grab his ass with my free hand would be nice, to remind him that I am there and in control.


    Mouth fuck position: The guy should be able to cum, inside the mouth and also with pulling out and the girl is licking the little friend


    Oh Lover, I love this new post! I will start recompiling my list!

    And yes, I agree with both of your suggestions (don't mind you quoting me at all baby).


    Position: Sex gymnastics 2
    I wanna pull out and squirt over girls' body
    Not just licking face, but also smooching
    One hand kneading tit, while the other is rubbing clit

    Janine Dee

    Erotic Spanking needs vaginal stimulation as well.

    It could be traded for that pointless dildo.


    Messed with Robot girl for a bit, pondering this,…I would like to see right and left hand movements be more independent, without changing the overall action. The ability to rub clit with one hand and massage a breast with the other, as an example; 

    Without being overbearing of demands I see four contact points…clit, waist, breast, and shoulder. If both hands could slide to those points independent of each other, and of the overall action…it would improve the quality of the poses significantly. there are other points that make sense besides,…the neck, inner thigh, hair…(trying not to get greedy)

    would like to see ass grab with anal penetration by the fingers…

    Handsy actions I know,…but my hands are never stilled and love to roam..

    Janine Dee

    In the two mutual, and one three way FF masturbation poses you can lick your fingers or toy depending on which one you are using. It would be really hot if you could lick each others.


    hmmm , lets start from the beghining :
    – Slow dance FF
    – kiss combinate with rub pussy

    – foreplay FF
    – pinch nipples combined with finger in mouth or stroke face (the names are not correct , but i stopped to do this pose after one month ;D)
    – same thing for massage breasts ( actually only compatible with finger ion mouth )


    One i really think need a good rework of the animation, is the MS pose named “From behind”. model are so damn static and need some other option too.
    Then, the pole dance: hope dev-team gonna work to cut the return to initial position animetion before every movement change.

    other comes later.


    agree with hentai for FF too ;D , another :

    -Gentle foreplay FF
    – combine the move where the kneeling one caress the body and the massaging breasts of the one in horizontal position 🙂


    Please could we have a kiss and cuddle on the foreplay bed pose 🙂 Ty .


    I have a couple changes that need to be made.

    In the lap Dance pose, when the dancer comes in to the sitter the legs disappear into the couch. This is caused by the pose originally being on a chair and when It changed to the couch the legs had no place to go.

    When the man is licking the woman from behind there is an action called Nice Fart.  The man fans his face and crosses his eyes, like it stinks.  Really, this is a mood killer and needs to be deleted. To me its very absurd

    In Anal Doggy, The pose needs to start from a static position and the action could start with either a licking of the Anus or a very slow insertion, just like in real Life. It starts too harsh with hard thrusting. It needs to start slow and build up to a quicker pace.


    dunno about the Nice Fart, but i agree on your other two suggestion NG…….i had forget about that bug!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 140 total)
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