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Poses revamp and upgrade

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    Rukya and Blue, i'm whit you!

    and about a way to make pressure on the dev-team…..well, the pantless friday can't help to reach this purpouse. at least, i don't think they care so much if you leave your avatar pantless every friday, lol! 

    we need something more drastic, like stop buying stuff from the shop, for example!  :

    Anyway……dev-team have to understand we are asking for more equal release, something who will make Achat more interessing for small amount of users too, like gay, lesbian and shemale. that's all!


    personnaly i have stop yet to buy the new clothes that are proposed to us . Its little not fair for the creators when its some clothes from tight , jeanona or keiko , but its the only way i have to show my unhappy mind . And trust me , i save many A$ in not buying the clothes  . But i will do this until every orientation is furnished equally .

    And this dont mean have a pose/upgrade every 3 months .

    And my protest will include too to dont share my ideas for poses anymore .


    Blue perhaps we need to support the LGBT community again… I find the lack of new offers at the moment a bit of a need.  More so than the embrace modifications.

    See the Pantelss thread in events for my thoughts.


    Guys, I'm with you … its what I was trying to say in my previous “Poses”  post, maybe not so well as I might have,1766.0.html

    Anyway,  I'm with Rukya …. I'm not buying anymore till I see some fairness across the orientations …  FF, SS , FS, MM, MS…

    Achat Gods, I'm keeping an eye on that shop and pose dept.  :'(


    Hello everyone=)

    some ideas for MF:

    Pose 1. Blowjob
    a. Woman's hands are behind her back, holding her elbows. Sorry for bad English=)
    like that sexydouble_real_girl_Maria_06.jpg
    b. Woman's hands are on her knees
    c. Woman do a deepthroat blowjob slow, with stop on end. When stops licking the men's balls. When starts looking at the partner

    Pose 2. From Behind
    Woman bend down, and puts his hands on the ass

    Pose 3 Dominated from Behind
    Woman's hands behind her back, holding her elbows (yes, again=))), man hold her hands and fuck rough=))

    Sorry for that bad english, again=)))


    I'm not sure a boycot on clothes, rooms or other additions would help very much. As Janine wrote in a different thread, a lot was accomplished when forces worked together and approached the subject from a positive side. Yes, not hide the displeasure or impatience but also not make it the center of the argument.

    I'm sure the dev-team is not impressed with the thread of not buying more clothes. It gives them an argument to NOT put time and effort into creating the asked poses, an economical one.. No income, no r&d.. (research and development)

    Imo still, gathering support, have more people speak their minds and support the effort, will bring the quickest results. How would they know there is a market for those poses, if just a handful of the same people ask for them? Since I belong to the hetset, being descriptive in the poses is not my best quality. I can however, give my support as i always have


    i agree that discution is better , but how react when the discution lead nowhere ? Cause actually its the impression i have . Maybe i'm wrong , but its my feeling . I feel not hear by the dev team . its now 4 weeks that the only things LGBT have are clothes ( exept the pose made for SM in same time than FM )

    I dont take this as an evolution , but as a return in time . It was like this there is one year when i entered this forum . there was some good evolution these last 3 or 4 months , and now , we return like there is one year .


    Yep and time to push again Ruyka…

    Sometimes we have to do that… but know many will join your voice even though we choose a different orientation.



    Its not what will motive me to buy something


    you are not right, those upgrades are really good, many poses need this.. a lot better then some shity clothing


    this post was from the first days of august , a time where only heteros had poses or updates honeeey

    🙂 . And i agree with you , many poses need to be upgraded , but not only hétéros ones 😮

    Ps : welcome to the forum


    It is distrubing the issue is still properly relevent though






    Good idea blue – this is one of our points on to do list. We’re going to care for this when I’m back from holidays ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 140 total)
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