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New Forum is a Joke

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    It’s impossible to use as before
    the text on so many posts is invisible
    its not possible to modify a post to correct this
    how do you unlock a topic ?
    the imgur pictures no longer show just the link
    everything is just a mess and impossible to sort out

    if this is what you call “maintenance”
    you can stick the forum
    as it’s unusable
    unbelievable stupidity.

    Unless someone can tell me things can be re-organised
    I shall say goodbye old forum
    there have been some altercations
    but there have been many better times
    but if this is the way of getting rid of nuisances like me
    you are welcome to it.
    It’s not a forum, it’s a fuck up.


    Its just different and we all need to get used to it.
    There is no need to be so negative and hostile.
    There will always be teething problems with new set ups
    If we list things what we would like improved, I’m sure Achat will listen and help.

    1. Please can you allow posts to be edited. I edited one and then the facility disappeared. Can we have this back please.

    2. The screen is rather bright. Is it possible for it to be darker like the previous forum or do we need to find an App to darken it?

    3. Pics do take. I have posted them with no issue so far.

    4. Can the OP lock and unlock topics?

    5. Where is the messaging facility?

    6. How can we colour our text?


    This free app can help with the white background if too bright for you



    I have found some pics that do not take. I think the new forum dislikes some file extensions but instead of telling you it does just not show in the topic.

    Achat… Can this be changed so members do not think it is them doing things wrong? Can a pop-up box appear to at least say.. this forum will not accept this file extension?

    There seems to be two ways around it

    You can either “search Google for image” and find a different URL (http address) or
    screen shoot the image you want and create a new one yourself.

    IMGUR seems to work
    DISCORD also seems to work.


    There is also some web addresses for free downloads this forum does not like too.

    Useful FREE Downloads.

    1. For taking images – Lightshot


    2. For storing images and giving them a http address – Imgur


    Most people I know tend to use Discord to communicate.
    Its free to use and you can communicate in instant messaging and exchange, links of songs & videos, pics, photos, pdf docs etc…
    You can also talk in pm or group and leave offline messages.

    The http provided in uploaded pics in Discord can be used for pics in this forum. Just remember to click on the pic first to enlarge it, then copy the image address to obtain the URL for use here.

    Get Discord here. Its free.


    Interestingly, the above links would not post together & I had to separate each one to a separate post.
    It may be the same with the pics.. post one at a time if it wont take.
    Maybe multi links just wont take here in one post.


    I started this thread in a short window whilst the new forum was still optimising
    and found so much had changed for the worse and reacted to it. I did not
    realise I would be locked out for another few days whilst more went on.

    I regret the title of the thread and my knee-jerk reaction and intended
    to modify the title to New Forum fixes and remove my “hostile” and
    “aggressive” message as Vaughan rather patronisingly called it.

    I have no problem with change so long as it is positive.

    It would have been a simple courtesy to announce this change was going to happen
    and that the forum would be down for several days but nothing.

    Why oh why can posts not be amended or locked or even deleted.


    I’m not patronising. Quote me correctly or don’t quote me at all.
    I said “There is no need to be so negative and hostile.”

    Perhaps we could all list the things we would like changing to help improve things.

    I have tried to do this already and asked for things I would also like to be returned if possible.


    The inserting image into our posts seem to have been taken away… I hope this is temporary and we get this back soon.


    Not everyone logs in and figures things out at same rate. The information provided should be looked at as being for everyone not just the original poster. Ask a question expect it to be answered. Never heard of an answer to a question being called patronizing. Perhaps its your own perspective. However, yes we ALL miss being able to edit and delete a post. Topics never had ability to be deleted.


    I’m guessing there is still a lot of work to be done on here.

    Things aren’t as they used to be, obviously. Ok, this forum is not finished (or is it, I just don’t know, none of us know) And it is frustrating.

    Knee jerk reactions and replies to them are natural. Everyone is different. For and against etc. It’s a forum, different opinions matter.

    I’m pleading with you ok. We are all in the same boat. Lets not tip it to destruction.


    Hugs Zuzannah!


    For those who don’t know, or cant see it, there is a message on the old Forum

    “*** This forum was active till April, 2021. Now it is read-only, please use the New forum! ***”

    Old Forum is here –

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 109 total)
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