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    Then welcome back to Forum and come aboard.
    I’m all for free speech but not when it attacks other members.
    If Forum and Achat Rules are abided by then we can all get along and respect each others views, opposing or not.

    I also rely on members to tell me their experiences of forum.
    Achat have given me authorities and where I believe we all have the same facility, disappointingly, I find later, it is not the case, usually by accident.
    An example is the multi-link & pic in 1 post. Suddenly, I have it as Moderator. Then discover, you do not. (I have asked Achat to allow it for members though)

    The lack of communication and notification is frustrating but it seems the norm with Achat. They are working on a new update though, so it seems forum is far down their list of priorities.

    We really do discover things by trial and error so please do not assume there are battle lines drawn between members and things are done to sleight people.
    We usually know as much as you. If we discover things, we post them for everyone’s information.


    I’m in agreement. The forum has long been run by, and for, a few people who wish to keep it alive and see it blossom again into the vibrant community it used to be many moons ago.
    I’ve no intention of scuppering the vessel while it’s still in dry dock. So, while not always in agreement with everyone or everything, I’m here, as ever, to promote and encourage the forum.
    Thanks for the welcome back…much appreciated.


    Group Hug then 🙂 LOL


    I am slowly but surely tidying up the sections of Forum.
    I am working from the top down now all the poses have been indexed and reviews requested.

    Thank you to the members who have agreed to and are under taking some of the reviews. It is greatly appreciated.

    Duplicate topics are being merged where appropriate.
    Some topics will be moved to new and more fitting sections where appropriate.

    Old topics will be updated with current information where appropriate for the information of new or re-joining members.
    This seems an easier way to update Forum as I go and ensures I do not miss any subjects.

    No topics will be deleted at this stage.

    I have asked for Forum tools to be returned for easier posting of images and texts but to date Achat have not answered me.

    If anyone has any ideas to improve Forum or suggestions as to topics being merged or moved, please send me a PM.

    Please post Forum suggestions here

    Topics » Forum News » Forum Announcement & Ideas for Improving Forum.

    Forum Announcement & Ideas for Improving Forum.

Viewing 4 posts - 106 through 109 (of 109 total)
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