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    Just to clarify
    your link works fine but not the instructions
    it must be operator error
    (mine that is)


    I’m not sure I can explain the insert image code any easier.

    If I write it with the true code, its not visible in the post.

    So I replace the “less than” maths sign < with an open bracket ( and the “Greater than” maths sign > with a closed bracket ) to make it readable.

    So for it to work for you, you have to replace the brackets again with the maths signs.

    Insert Image code but replace brackets : (img src=” YOUR PIC LINK “/)


    OK, I’ll add my “way” as it seems slightly different than Vaughan’s but works for me. 😉

    For pics and gifs i use IMGUR…. for the OLD Forum i used to use the BBC Link but the NEW Forum requires me to use the Direct Link

    As for coding…

    Note in advance, like V has already mentioned where you see a parentheses () use the lees than and greater than signs < / >

    1) For pics and gifs… i use… (img scr=”

    2) Then i insert my IMGUR pic / gif DIRECT LINK (doesn’t seem to matter if ya use spaces)

    Then wrap it all up with… “)

    The only diff… i don’t use the (/) like V, only when tweakin font, like BOLD which would be

    Front end… (strong)

    insert your Text

    then close it with… (/strong)

    Hope it helps someone. It’s disappointing, though NOT surprising, Achat doesn’t care enough to help us. Just Sayin.


    Ok. This is what I do.

    Step by Step

    1. Find a pic you wish to use and put it in IMGUR.

    2. Locate the topic and copy and paste this into it exactly as you see here. <img src=”

    3. Go to Imgur and copy the url for the pic.

    4. Return to the topic and right after <img src=” copy and past the url in

    5. Then, immediatley after the url copy and paste this: “/>

    6. Hit Submit.

    7 If your post does not show refresh.

    That’s it. Easy. Not rocket science just a pain in the ass.



    Thank you ladies


    It seems I have my wires crossed
    strike the previous entry with
    abject apologies


    I think you have a point. A valid one.
    Whether it will be addressed is another matter entirely.
    Don’t expect democracy or fair treatment .
    Doesn’t exist here unless it generates revenue

    Even then it’s a toss up as to whether they can be bothered..


    Its news to me.
    I am not aware of any topic having to be approved first.
    I’m not even sure who approves it.
    All my topics have gone through before and after being moderator.
    So I would also be interested in anyone who has had to go through this “process” first

    Perhaps you could screen shoot it so we can all see it. Thanks.


    My posts/Topics never had to be reviewed and approved. This is first I’ve heard of this as well.


    my comments have now been amended
    a lapsus calami


    Slip of the pen, I seriously doubt it.

    illi qui salire ad conclusiones saepe terram in ignorantia


    I had the message when I couldn’t access the “test” thread and decided to open a new topic to try out various image codes. That’s when the message “Your topic is awaiting moderation” appeared.
    I didn’t think to screenshot…just assumed it was another stumbling block in this shiny, all-noo & improved fuckup of a forum.

    I’ll try to open another topic and if it occurs again will screenshot & pass on.

    Update : just started a new topic with no problem whatsoever. perhaps my previous attempt failed due to some error of mine…who knows?
    Anyhoo…on with the motley……


    Thank you. Please do, its the first I have heard of it.

    I have however, been part of other forums where there was such a practice.
    It was automated and more for new members who joined. It was a tool to prevent trolls and alts from ruining the platform, not just in hostile posts but in things like voting and competitions.
    It also ensured the rules of posting were read first and the posts fit to be published. If they weren’t the member could be directed to amend the post or it could just be deleted without consultation as the breach self evident.

    Each new member had to have around 10 to 20 posts checked in a probationary period before being promoted and allowed to “post” on their own.

    I would not be adverse to such a practice for new joins as the pros outweigh the cons.

    However as far as I am aware, you are the first person to have bought this to the notice of the forum.
    It would be worthy of discussion and all views sought of active forum members before a decision is made for implementation here.

    New things are bought in and taken off in Forum without notice. A classic example is the “forum tools” menu bar – “insert image; bolding etc…”
    Unfortunately we have to discover them ourselves and are left to our own devices to figure them out.
    Luckily we are all working together to do so and where I can, I then publish instructions for all to try in the “test” topic.
    If someone provides better instructions, I’ll most likely adopt theirs or amend mine.

    Its not ideal but all we have.
    I would prefer you work with us to make this place better for all, than cause hostilities and keep that chip on your shoulder to fester.


    Perhaps it may have been the case that I’d just returned after a long absence and had only posted one you tube vid before being frustrated at keep being denied the ability to post in the “test” thread and so attempting to start a new topic.
    I’ve since opened a new thread with no difficulty at all, so maybe, as you say, it could have been some inbuilt function of this particular format.

    I can assure you there’s no chip on my shoulder, or any other part of my anatomy. But, as you know, I speak my mind and will always do so. I may not always be right or popular or on target. But I, like anyone, have the right to my opinions and to express them.
    As for attempting to make this forum a more accessible and populous arena for all members, you know that’s been my intent for a long time, and still is.
    Regarding a probationary or “lock-out” period for new members…not wholly in agreement with that…it’s hard enough to get people in here as it is without restricting access. I think monitoring of posts and removal of anything untoward is sufficient.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 109 total)
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