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    This forum is still a Joke. Just here for Kait.


    I’ve taken some time to read and digest the entirety of this thread (or topic..whichever you prefer).
    I’ve been absent from Achat for many months. Prior to that hiatus I was quite a regular contributor/protagonist/target/pain-in-the-ass (delete as appropriate) and held the view that the forum (as it was then) resembled an eccentric and ancient relative…awkward and often clumsy, a bit creaky and set in it’s ways, but still a source of entertainment and interest and loved, despite it’s rather dishevelled and untidy appearance and odd little foibles. It was cluttered and dusty, a bit frayed at the edges, but it worked in it’s own quirky way. It seems that the “old guard” of the Old Forum are none too happy with the replacement, the fact that there was no notice or warning of the change and the lack of functionality in what one would suppose is meant to be a new and improved communication tool for users.

    On the whole I’m in agreement that this is a very poor substitute for what we had previously. There are more than a few options available that, in my opinion, would have been easier on the eye, full of easy to use features and in several cases able to be customised to some extent by users to suit their own tastes/requirements.
    But, as became apparent to myself a long time ago and has already been mentioned earlier in this thread, the Forum has never been in any way important to Achat. Why would it? It doesn’t generate revenue. Why waste time and effort in providing a service that is at the end of the day no more than a courtesy to the small core of regular users? I can’t say I blame them. If I were running a business then providing what amounts to a gratis add-on would be very far down my list of priorities.

    As always if a customer isn’t happy with a service they are perfectly at liberty to take their custom elsewhere. That would be the solution I’d advocate.
    I know a huge number of people at Achat use (at least) one other similar site so why not save a bit of cash and concentrate on that if not happy with what’s on offer here? Perhaps if enough actually do that it may prompt Achat into listening to its members.

    Either way it matters not a jot to me personally, but having once been one of the few trying to promote the forum and seeing my former comrades and sparring partners in such high dudgeon I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring.
    I guess what it all boils down to at the end of the day is…did you guys really expect Achat to deliver? You’ve been here long enough to know better, surely.


    Quote from Vaughan 13 Oct 21
    “No news or update yet on the forum tools (insert image ; bolding ; italics ; colours ; fonts etc..) We have them in PM but not forum posts.

    No news on increase in number of pics/links to a post.

    No news on posting and seeing your post after “submitting” without refreshing.
    Interestingly, posting a song imbeds and works fine. You post the link and the thread refreshes automatically which is what we would like in normal forum posting.

    Come on Achat… fix these annoyances.”


    Although I have not been contacted direct by Achat, I have discovered by observation, trial & error Achat have now allowed more than 1 link or pic to be included in 1 forum post.
    I have successfully tried 10 pics. They are accepted and can be seen in 1 post.
    YAYYYYYYYYYYY Thank you Achat.

    Please can we now also have our forum tools back?
    Please can a post and topic be automatically refreshed so you can see it after hitting the “Submit” button?

    Thank you.


    After attempting to submit a post regarding images in both the “test” thread and in this one, not just once, but 6 or 7 times, and my posts just vanishing I’m going to give up.
    Is the “test” thread locked? If so why not indicate that it is? If not…yet another problem.
    After unsuccesfully trying to load various image formats in the “test” thread I decided to begin a new, temporary thread to try out various formats to see if there was one that works best with this forum. After hitting Submit (twice and then having to refresh manually), I was informed that my topic was awaiting moderation. By whom and why? This (at least to my mind) is a rather ominous thing to see. So I request that someone from the Dev team please post here why thisrestriction is in place and the reasoning for it. The Dev team, not a moderator or another member attempting to be helpful. Hopefully someone responsible for decision making at achat.


    Way back around the time the forum was “optimised”
    achat issued a bold mission statement which I copied
    and forgot, then found .. the last line basically says it all.

    In 3 months mobile version

    In 6 months new graphics engine

    In 9 months private party and megaparty

    In 12 months VR Version

    In 24 months, new forum working properly

    (BTW Vaughan, could you explain how you managed to post
    your 10 photographs on one post so we can try it too ?)


    Also, referencing the previous post….which imgur code works with this forum?
    I’ve tried the BBCode which worked with the old forum. This just pastes the imgur http link to the image.
    The Image Link code works after a fashion but places the image in a grey and white box.

    Some hints and tips on using this forum from whoever chose to adopt it would have been nice rather than members having to scramble to figure it out for themselves.


    Hi both,

    I’ve tried to include instructions on posting and such in the topic below for new members and also for older members not familiar with the new format. Its still a work in progress & much discovered by trial and error. As we discover new things, we post instructions to inform others.

    Home » Topics » Forum News » New Moderator Appointed.

    Useful things to know about Forum and How to Post.

    Hope this helps.

    Sadly and disappointedly, it seems after checking with another member, I have the multi pic posting ability due to being a moderator. Like you we have tried unsuccessfully to post more than 1 pic.
    It seems you can still only post 1 pic OR 1 link OR 1 song. Anything more will have to be posted in consecutive posts.

    Please write to “Support” and ask for the multi pic ability. I have asked several times but now cannot use “Support” myself. For some reason, I am prevented from submitted a query.
    I am still waiting for that facility to be returned to me.



    What I’ve discovered is that if, for whatever unknown reason, this forum tool doesn’t like an image code it doesn’t just omit that code/image, it wipes the entire post, text and all.

    So I think what is needed is a definitive way of posting an image that will work every time.
    I think that’s one of the main things to get right.
    Posting multiple images can be addressed once being able to post single images consistently and with no fuss has been sorted out.

    i have to wonder, did anyone actually use this forum before deciding to withdraw the old one and put this in place?
    Was it checked for just the kind of problems that are being thrown up?
    It wouldn’t appear so.
    If it was checked out beforehand and deemed fit for purpose, then how about some assistance on how to use it?
    At the moment it’s like going out to a restaurant and having to not only lay your own table but cook the damn meal and do the washing up too.


    You can post 1 pic, no problem. We have for a while now,
    There are only issues with copyright pics but a google search for similar pic or screen shot usually sorts that issue.


    Does anyone have an Idiots Guide
    How to Post a Picture on the Forum
    In simple Step-by-Step stages ?


    Read above post by me October 19, 2021 at 9:02 pm.


    I did read it .. it made no sense to this
    technophobe who needs a little more …

    although you did write on that link:-
    “I will try and post some easy reference instructions for doing some basic posts, that I already know.”

    Be good to know when you do them.



    I have done them.
    Click on the link & Keep scrolling down.

    You will see side headings that explain everything we know so far.


    nothing happens
    thanks anyway


    The link does work. Strange it doesn’t for you. Please report the issue to support.

    You will have to follow the steps manually then ….

    Manual steps : Home » Topics » Forum News » New Moderator Appointed.

    The link :

    All the instructions are contained in the above topic.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 109 total)
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