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    Now to see if it has any kind of result.

    On another forum that Vaughan and I are active in we get notifications when someone posts in a ‘favorite’. We also get notifications if someone posts in one of our topics or replies to a comment we made.

    We are all learning as we go. But I will ‘Favorite’ all of V’s topics, notifications or not, so there will be many more pages of them I am sure. 🙂


    Just another thought to consider on this ‘Favorite’ and ‘Subscribe possibility.

    Since most of our topics are listed under our ‘Old’ Version profiles. If not a ‘Favorite’ or ‘Subscribed’ will they disappear when the old forum does? To that end I just may make my own Topics a Favorite and Subscribe to them.


    Are we limited to the number of posts PER HOUR and edits to our posts? i can make little sense of why some of my POSTS once submitted get posted and others don’t… regardless if they ARE displayed the way intended. Same for EDITS. Is there a limit or do we have to wait a specified amount of time to re-edit?

    In addition… these specific FORUM functions are important to me.

    1) PREVIEW playground
    2) EDITING – unlimited
    3) LOGOFF
    4) Ability to insert images, gifs & videos – which seems to be a work in process atm
    5) YES, i like my colored n styled FONTS. Not imperative, but would like them back. Please.


    One link or image per post it seems, Kait.
    If you do 2 it goes away


    Has anyone heard from Achat when the new forum will be fixed ?

    It seems like a bodge job of inept proportions when you
    compare the workability of the old and new forums. It is
    very much like having my old Classic iPod taken away and
    being given a piece of wood to use instead.

    Was anyone asked beforehand about the need to update the
    forum in this way – I mean experienced users like J&V, Andrea,
    Zuzannah, Kaitlyn, Bear & Jayc – any of you ?

    Were any people who use the forum asked for their opinion ?

    Of course I’m going to sound like a moaning minnie for saying
    these things but, always a but, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    We all had our gripes about the old forum but at least it worked.
    With all the advances of digital technology, with NASA being
    able to collect dust off the tail of a comet, surely it is feasible
    to have a new forum which has all the necessary buttons there
    with which to continue the forum instead of chasing around for
    ancient code to be able to change a font or make it bold never mind
    posting more than one photograph.

    Surely someone knows something about this. (I was going to say
    fiasco but I would be accused of negativity so will desist.)

    My last point is that with all the new revenue Achat will get
    this week from Premium Subscriptions, surely we can have our
    old forum back until the new one is fixed.

    I would welcome any and all responses to my thoughts. I don’t
    mean to be arsey towards achat but they have brought it on
    themselves and questions should be asked.

    Diatribe over.


    We were not asked @Tift. Not V nor I. Not Bear. Not Jayc. Not Stone. Not Zuz. To best of our knowledge no one was consulted.

    It is my belief that no one knew of this till it appeared on our screens.

    Yes, we had all seen the announcement that they were working on something. We had hoped for a search bar in the web shop.

    But we know no more than you do Tift.

    Had we been given the opportunity to give input it would not look like it does. Bear and Lover worked on the last one.

    Had we known more we’d be able to continue posting what we wish without issue.


    I have sent a further message to Achat’s Support to ask for these extra features to be added as below:
    I will update this topic with any replies.

    1. Quote button
    This is important when answering a person direct in a topic.

    2. Log in and log out of forum
    At the moment, we are currently locked into the log in. This compromises our privacy, especially on a forum for a sex site. Many like to log in and out for extra security.

    If you agree or have more items you would like restored, request or faults to report, please write to Achat’s Support here…


    LOL I figured out one of the mysteries concerning the “Favorites” @Zuzannah. I favorited and subscribed but only showed on one of my now two profiles. This all occurred when I was unaware Achat had given me a new one. I wonder will they ever be merged so we get all of our own past history back? @Tom or @susy_a can you weigh in on any of these questions in this topic?


    Same thing happened to me Jessi. lol.

    Also, I wasn’t asked or notified by Achat about this new forum. And to be honest never expected to be asked.


    Hi @Tift *hugz* Gotta ditto what Zuz said… Wasn’t asked or informed & never expected. I may be an “experience” member… but i’m more a Forum junkie than player, have been for yrs now. But, somethings can’t be let go.

    THAT said… gotta ditto @Tift in regards to the transition between Forum platforms. A MESS. There must be reasons we’re unaware that forced Achat to adopt an obvious WIP and abandon a perfectly functioning one that WE ALL knew how to use. WHY else would they?

    As for Favs & Subs… not that important to me. My qwerks kinda compel me to at least “LOOK” at every post & no notifications allowed. Weird, i KNOW. Likes surprises😁 But i would like to add V’s suggestion… the QUOTE function.

    And YES, buttons, icons, thingys…. would be MUCHO better than coding. I SUCK at it… and DON”T get to enjoy it.😜


    Made a list of what’s been worked out. here

    Forum Codes

    Or go to Quick start Guides. 😉


    👍 Yaaaaay Zuz, TY for corralling all the “cracked” codes… and sleuthing the italics coding. Odd this language, whatever it is, (some version of HTML?) uses (em) rather than (i). But one by one we’re collectively knockin em down. 😉

    I’m still workin on how to get my “foofoo” fonts back, if anyone figures THAT out… please post.

    I did stumble across one hack that has proved useful to me, a non techy… that is the “INSPECT” function which kinda does the same thing the “QUOTE” function did in the old platform… it displays the coding. This has helped me see the proper coding structure. For those Windows users… Just right click anywhere on the post and at the bottom of the pop up, select INSPECT and it will display ALL the coding.

    Hmm, that PREVIEW sure would be nice atm in helping us crack all the coding without having to air our unmentionables. 😉 Though i’m still hopeful that when Achat is finished with this conversion… we’ll get those little magical BUTTONS back to do it all for me. This mamapeach likes being spoiled. 😁

    Hmm, wonder if there’s a limit on moji’s?

    oh, MY Test…

    <p style=”color:blue;font-size:18px;”>Can i crack two codes at once…. </p> Somethings can’t be learned without trying it.🤞


    Hear hear. Thanks Zuz .. Cracking work there and great to have them ready for use like that.


    I’ve tried colours and text size without any luck unfortunately. 👎

    I’m searching online occasionally. The ones I’ve listed came under WordPress. 👍


    Good News.
    We have our Log in and out back – top right.

    I have logged out and back in again and it seems my second Young Vaughan account has now been taken over by Elder Vaughan.

    Thanks Achat.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 109 total)
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